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How to Choose the Perfect Tuxedo for Men

Every man who is particular about his dress sense, should, first evaluate his lifestyle. What is the nature of his functions each day? Is he working in casual ambience or is he bound by professional compulsions? To decide his dress codes, at first, he has to analyze about his work culture and the mandatory paraphernalia associated with his responsibilities and the engagements.

Wool TuxedoPaisley Sportcoat


One well tailored suit is the unavoidable need of each man in order to attend to important functions. Navy or grey suits are the most suitable attire. Blazers with khakis or even jeans are also recommended despite higher price tag. Black or dark grey suit is liked by many. Modern wool is durable and it maintains the shape well and gels with all seasons. Classic style – not trendy cut – is appreciable. Men will have to change only shirts or ties to look up to date and modern.

Men's tuxedo can be worn with khakis, jeans and the suit. This is the most sought-after ensemble. Black shoes with black belt are the superlative combination. Whether casual or formal, this combo meets the demands. Shoes have to be taken care of for durability. Odd-colored socks spoil the show. Wool socks of black color are the ideal preference.

Tuxedo looks elegant with everyone. It is apt for day and night functions. It is sharp and grand. It always fits with style. It is suitable under a dark sweater. Polo or button-down can be worn with jeans. This can be worn with a suit or under a sweater or simply with a short. A collection of ties is an addition to the wardrobe so as to make you wear them depending on the occasions and he moods. Tie designs undergo rapid changes. Select the favorable patterns to match the seasons. Men's tuxedo need not be a long coat. It can be 3/4 length or car coat length. It can be worn with jeans also. A classic sweater matches a man's personality. Different styles and designs – crew, V-neck or a cardigan – are useful for any function. Another needy item is dress slacks, preferably in dark color. For certain events, where suit is not necessary, this is the favorable choice. Always, b simple and make modifications in tune with your lifestyle.

They are popular for their satin lapel. For formal events, like weddings, and functions, they are preferred. Marquis de Chestellux in 1754, referred to a particular region in New York City as the "Tuxedo Pond". It was otherwise called the Duck Seeder. The initial appearance of tuxedo was in 1886. Today, they are worn by many persons who want to project themselves as debonair men.

Types of Tuxedos

  • The following list will provide the most popular types of tuxedos and some guidelines about suitable occasions for wearing them. Full Dress Tail Coat, otherwise called The White Tie, is perfect for formal evening marriages.

  • The stroller, normally attired by the attendants of the groom in a wedding, is suitable for formal morning marriages.

  • The Notch Lapel Tuxedo and the Peak Lapel tuxedo are familiar items for both morning and evening functions.

  • In selecting the perfect one, the body measurement of the man who wears it is the prime consideration. The tuxedo should elevate the elegance and should flatter the wearer of the piece. The entire package of the dressing must be enhanced. For men of medium height and slender frames, single-breasted jackets with long lines are recommended. Double-breasted jackets are minutely patterned vests and ties are preferred by modern mindsets. For stocky grooms who are short in stature, slim shawl collars would suit them most. Here, the top button should be near the small of the waist. Men with broad shoulders should follow more natural shoulder-lined jackets. Pants should touch the feet – but, avoid making shoddy look.

  • Shawl collar ones are ideal for tall and well-built grooms. This will elevate the broad shoulders and the muscular frames of men. The length of the jacket is important. Tall and slim grooms will fit in any type of tuxedo. But, still, the tuxedos should be full and attached to the lines of the body.