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How to Enhance your Charm in Mans Suits

It is an undeniable fact that we all go for the first impression. The way a person dress up and present himself would largely contribute in creating an impression. For every guy, suits are the indispensible items in their wardrobe. A man wearing elegant attire is sure to take the breath away from the onlookers. However, the talent lies in selecting the best outfit that would fit your physique and also goes well with the occasion. Suits are perhaps the most elegant of all men's clothing which would enhance a man's physical appearance. A man's outfit would look stunning if it's worn for the right occasion, time of day and even in the right climate.

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The three basic things that determine the perfection of a suit - namely Cut, Color and Fabric should also be carefully selected to achieve the classic look.

Suit Cut

A good cut is considered as the hallmark of a man's suit despite fashion and trends. The cut of a well crafted suit would surely bring out the best in him. It must look natural and apt for his body structure. A narrow cut suit without shoulder padding and narrow lapels would be best suited for slim, small bodied person. He must also avoid wearing body clinging trousers along with the suit. On the other hand, a well built person should necessarily incorporate shoulder padding into his suit. The cut should be perfect matching to his natural measurements. But a person with a big build body should carefully avoid any types of cuts that would make him look bigger.

Suit Color

While considering the color factor, shades of black, grey and dark blue are generally accepted by men. Some men even prefer brown which would be worn during weekend functions and other casual occasions. Mans suits in normal base tones are preferred since it can be worn with shirt of any color.

Suit Fabric

The recent trend suggests that men prefer wearing the ones which are made of lighter fabrics than the thicker ones in previous years. The type of the occasion, the climate of the area, the time of day and frequency of wearing them should be primarily considered before selecting the fabric for your suit. If you are going to wear them frequently, then it would be better to go for stain resistant, wrinkle free type that would be durable and comfortable for the day.

It has become a general notion that most men look good in their black outfit and it is true that most of them would definitely have black one in their wardrobe. So if you are going to buy it for the first time, it would be better to pick a standard black woolen suit. It would definitely go along well with any light or dark colored shirt and with a matching tie. Another advantage of black attire is that it can be worn quite often without others recognizing the recurrence.

Generally, the standard two piece single breasted style is considered as the most flexible and appropriate to be worn for almost all the occasions. So it would be best if you keep one in your wardrobe for special occasions which would enhance your charisma.