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Features And Style Details Of Tuxedo Tails

Men always look for best as they by nature want to be a respected and esteemed personality. Even though you have a fine character and pleasing personality, the dressing etiquette what you follow plays the major role in judging your character. The civilized men give more importance to his dressing as he knows the clothing tend to be the major element in making the first impression admirable. Tuxedos are the most popular attire of men's wardrobe and the craze for this apparel seems tremendous among adults.

Tuxedo Tailcoat

Types of tuxedo collections

There are wide ranges of tux collections where each differs a lot in giving a detailed style pattern and a classy look. The varieties include big and tall tux, designer tux, tuxedo tails &tailcoats , black tux, white tux, colored tux, one button, two button and three button tuxedos. Single breasted and double breasted types with updated lapel patterns- shawl, notch and peak are the traditional types of tux available for sale. These outfits come with range of fits such as traditional, slim fit, modern and custom fit. Depending on the type of fabric used tux are further narrowed down as – silk, wool, polyester, velvet.

Tailcoat cut

The type of tux tailcoat is differentiated as morning coat and evening tailcoat/ dress coat. The typical Morning coat comprise a single breasted model jacket with self faced lapels and has a skirt that tapers away gradually in giving a classy look. The evening coat features a double breasted jacket with silk faced lapels posing a sharply cut away skirt. The tailcoat should not be of closed or buttoned type.

The flawless cut and style of tailcoat shows men in an attractive look irrespective of his physique as it suits best for short or tall, thin or fat.


The body cut is made such a way that possessing the ability to visually elevate the waistline so that it gives a perfect fit to shorter men. The narrow front open of the coat exposes a considerable shirt giving a manly look to the wearer. The lapels roll little below the waistcoat's top button and the line slants slightly upward and rounds into the skirt.

Mens Tuxedo Three Piece Suit


The coat's skirt is divided into tails by the running center vent which rises up to the waist line and it is often referred as swallow tail coat and claw hammer tailcoat. The tails extends to the bend of the knee in a straight line with a gentle curve at the bottom.

Lapel styles

The kind of lapels used decide the style of the coat where the peak lapel is been the most traditional one since centuries offering giving a powerful V-shaped torso look. The shawl collar has been used for the vintage formal attire as bit alternative to the classic style. The notch lapels are been rarely used as it is not turned to be the much acceptable way of style.

Tailcoat fabric

The kind of fabric used plays the major role in giving the classiness and fine look to the attire. Among fabrics wool is considered as the most superior material as it gives wearer the sophisticated look and fit. Mohair and wool blends have been used for making tailcoat since long back which is been still followed currently but added with some superior quality wool blends.


The trousers have to be made from the same fabric as of the tailcoat so that on the whole you get an even fine look. It must be cut with a high rise waistline so that it sits fit just above the bottom of the coat's front. To hold tight you can use suspenders. The silk trim covers the outer seams of formal trousers. Side pockets are generally present but tailored in a way that it seems virtually invisible. If you opt for formal wear then the legs of the trouser have to be plain as cuffs.


The tuxedo tails are available in different color patterns ranging from light to vibrant bold colors. But, the traditional and a bit classic collection is always the black and white combination. Young men can prefer for contrast colors which gives them a cool and trendy look.