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What To Wear To A Beach Wedding?

Last couple of years, the popularity of theme wedding especially the beach one is increasing beyond imagination. The major reason behind people preferring theme wedding is that they got bored with the same conventional way of celebrating their grand day. Now, you can imagine that a destination wedding will be more casual and romantic in approach compared to traditional church wedding. The main confusion that invitees face if your invitation does not come up with a dress code is whether wearing formal or casual will be right. Now, before you start planning what to wear to a beach wedding suits , you should check properly the invitation card to observe if there any hint given about the dress code of the occasion. While some couples mention dress codes like beach wear or smart casual for their guests, some others love to leave that decision on guests themselves. No one wants to dress inappropriately for any event. Therefore, you have to acquire some knowledge on the basics of beach wedding outfits.

Beach wedding suits

What to Do

If you are able to picture the surrounding of beach wedding with warm sunny and breezy weather, feeling of the sand under your feet and waves crashing against the shore, the half of your job is done. Most of the people avoid wearing strict formal wears in beach wedding as it not only looks misfit but it will make you feel uncomfortable also. You have to remember that whenever you visit beach side, you sweat more than normal times. Therefore, you have to wear something that helps you stay dry, airy and light. You can get help or advice from your friends and family members who already have attended this kind of wedding. Another alternative is to check on bride or groom from whoever side you are invited as they will be able to give you a rough idea about what they are planning and expecting their guests to wear.

Tips to Pull of Beach Wedding Invitation

If you have no idea what to wear in beach wedding, you should stick to smart casuals or semi-formal outfits.

One of the best choices to look good as well as feel good is to go for summer casuals made with linen. Linen outfits are quite popular in beach weddings as this fabric is light and airy which in return helps the wearer to remain dry throughout the program.

Keep your accessories simple as over dressing is a big no-no in this kind trendy wedding theme.

When it comes to choosing footwear, you have to be very wise to select the right pair that is not too fancy yet not too dressy for beach wedding.

The ocean breeze can also ruin your hair style. Therefore, choose your entire beach wedding outfit as a guest in intelligent manner.