How To Choose A Shirt & Tie For A White Linen Suit?

During summers, Linen is a comfortable fabric because of its breathability which makes it suitable for both casual and dressy occasions. One of the biggest advantages of wearing a suit in this fabric is it's comfort and elegancy, which makes it the fabric of choice for many men. In short mens linen suits is what to opt for in summers.

Linen Suits

In this article we will provide you some unique ways to accessorize your linen suit

As we know that key feature of linen is the irregularity of the yarn, which adds to the character of the fabric and gives it its signature casual look and formation of wrinkles easily can be combined in a very nice manner.

Tips for choosing best suited tie & shirt

Before making any choice prime important thing that you should keep in mind is the color combination as colors can evoke certain feelings and emotion is nothing new dress shirts and ties should be matched accordingly. Psychologists have been talking about the psychology of colors for decades now. A grey suit and white shirt is a perfect canvas for almost any tie color!

Your attire should depend on occasion whether its traditional or casual for example if you are wearing a western suit, I would suggest darker colors (charcoal, midnight blue, or black), a classic white dress shirt and you can always go for a classic black or ivory tie as well. I hope this is helpful. If you are going as a couple that you can match your tie color with your partner dress.

If you are planning for a business meet .The black suit is an excellent choice. I would recommend pairing it with a classic white dress shirt. Add a bit of color, but I would suggest stay away from bright and vibrant hues such as pink, lime green

While suits and shirts typically don't leave much room for color, with the aid of the necktie the power of personality can be shown

Below are six common tie colors. Choose the color that suits the occasion and your personality.

Red Ties also referred as power tie is an attention grabbing one that is commonly associated with passion, power, love, and authority. Unless you are looking for a bold look that makes you center of attention, stay away from bright red neckties. Red ties look nice with navy, gray, and charcoal suits.

Burgundy Ties Burgundy is a color that pairs the power of red with the maturity of brown thus making an excellent choice for business.

Light blue ties compared to navy, a much more playful color that evokes youthfulness and liveliness. My tip: pair the light blue necktie with your charcoal gray suit a perfect business look for the spring and summer months.

Pink tie wear a solid pink tie in combination with a light rose colored dress shirt, navy pin- striped suit, and light rose colored pocket square the perfect look for a date at a fancy restaurant.

Black ties are common for formal evening functions when paired with white shirts, black or charcoal suits, and black dress shoes Wear a solid black skinny tie , a white dress shirt with top button left undone, a pair of designer jeans, a trendy tweed sports coat, and a pair of sporty loafers or so-called driving shoes.

Although linen can be washed and ironed quite hot, never wash your linen suit at home because it will destroy the canvas. Dry clean only!