How To Buy Shoes & Get The Best Fit?

The size of your feet increases with age. So, make sure to measure your feet before buying shoes . The perfect time when you should measure your feet is at end of the day. At end of the day, feet attain largest size. If you have one foot larger than the other make sure to fit your shoe to the larger foot. Any one going to buy a pair of shoes does have the question, "How to Buy Shoes & Get the Best fit?"

Mens Shoes

Measure your feet once or twice a year

Do not depend on a foot measurement done some years ago. The tendons and other muscles in your feet have a tendency to relax and stretch out with your age. This results in change in your feet shape and size. Do measure the length along with width and arch length of your feet to get the perfect fit shoe.

Measure the arch length

The arch length is the measure of your foot from your heel to the ball of your foot. The bend in your big toe must be equal to the shoe bends. If your shoe bends before or after the big toe joint when you rise up your toes, then be sure of the shoe to be ill-fit to your arch length.

Shop shoes in the evening

Most of us develop swelling in our feet in the later time of the day. So, wait till evening to shoe shop, to avoid shoes to be too tight.

Fit shoes to the larger foot

Two feet are not of same size and shape. One foot is generally a little larger than the other. Always make sure to buy shoe that fits the larger foot.

Stand when measuring

While measuring the feet, make sure to stand up. Feet spread out when you stand. So, stand tall and look straight so that your weight is balanced over your foot. Allow someone else to measure your feet.

Leave 1/2 inch on the shoe front

Make sure to leave 1/2 inch between your longest toe end and the end of the shoe front.

Leave 1/8 inch on the shoe back

No one wants that the shoe back to be too tight at back of your heel. Such tight shoes cause skin irritation and blisters. So, leave 1/8 of an inch between your heel back and shoe back.

Room in the toe box

Leave room for toes to move. With proper room for toes moment, corns, callouses, neuromas and other deformities in toes can result.

Try to check comfort walk with both shoes on

Before buying a pair of shoes, make sure to try on both pairs of shoes and take a walk in the store. Walk on carpet, tile, and other surfaces available. If you can check your shoes by walking on a treadmill, it will show the best fit result.

If you have foot problem

If you have got a foot problem or you do not get perfect fit shoes, ask the shop keeper for professional and personalized shoe fitting.