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How To Buy A Men's Blazer?

Men's fashion is becoming more and more profound as the days progress with designer introducing versatility and variation in all genres of men's clothing. It is sad to see how rare it is to find men sporting one of the best clothing attire during the winter months- a blazer. A blazer previously brought to mind the conventional black, gray and blue attire that did keep you warm, but looked quite unappealing. That has ceased to be the case anymore. A blazer is available in a variety of colors and patterns that can make you look equally appealing in the same manner, if you know how to wear it properly, with the right things. Before you wear a blazer however, you have to know How to Buy a Men's Blazer .

Mens Blazer

How should your Blazer fit you?

A blazer is nothing in itself. It has to have impeccable fittings, so that it looks like it was made for you in particular. The fittings of the blazer should be similar to that of a jacket belonging to a suit. Therefore you must keep the following points in mind when you are buying a blazer- the shoulder pads of the blazer, should not cross more than half an inch of your actual shoulder blade. Your blazer should be such that it allows full and free arm movement, but not so much, that it makes your shoulders look broad and droopy. When you are standing straight, the length of the arm of the blazer should reach the knuckle of your thumb and show about ¼ to ¾ of an inch of the shirt underneath. You know a blazer fits you perfectly if the backside of the blazer covers your bottom. You can adjust it according to your height. The measurement of the chest should be such that the buttons for comfortably, but not so much that is accommodate a tennis ball.

Considering Price and Style of your Blazer

Yellow Blazer

If this is the first blazer that you are buying, you have to understand the there are a number of style blunders out there to fool you. Do not fall for them. You have to start slow, with a standard blazer that is monochromatic, without loud patterns and colors like for example, a loud navy blue with chalk stripes. For you, a solid navy blue blazer that is classy, smart and understated is going to work best. You can then slowly progress to more daring styles. Also another thing that you have to keep in mind is that expensive does not always mean good quality. Consider the material, the fit, and the size, the versatility that your blazer can offer you, and then make your decision. Price is the last thing that you should be looking at when deciding How to Buy a Men's Blazer.