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Perfect Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

We are talking velvet! Yes, that's right the finest soft colours and materials that will just blow you away. The perfect velvet tuxedo jacket is the one for you. There is that one that reminds you of the rich red wine and the burgundy and the one that's the exact colour of champagne. There are the black and even lighter shades like the teal and the blue, rich cream and the chocolate one. You surely will be dazzled, with the innumerable choices offered on display.

The Perfect Velvet Look

These jackets are exclusively and artfully made by our master craftsmen keeping you in mind. The jacket is superbly cut and made to measure, once you wear it you cannot but help it; you will go back and look in the mirror again and yet again. The mens suits has those deep pockets the inner lining and those broad lapels give it such an elegant and a debonair air. You can use the jacket depending on the color for formal and informal occasions. If you require a breast pocket for your handkerchief it is at your service.


The jacket with its sheer soft velvety feel will make you almost purr with pleasure every time you put it on you will not be able to help yourself running your fingers down your jacket because of its texture and guess what the ladies will not be able to keep away from you and they sure would like to smoothen your jacket when it does not need any smoothening. Well go ahead now make yourself that magnetic mystic man that all women crave for and have only seen in movies or read in books. Become the man of their dreams with this Velvet Tuxedo Jacket.

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