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Italian Tuxedo Offers Unique Style

When you were a boy of sixteen, you had dreamt of owning a slim fit suit and had promised yourself that you would buy one as soon as you had your first salary.

The day finally dawned the salary was at the bank now to try out the shops but time was a constraint work load was heavy a friend suggested portals and voila he was correct the number of tuxedos on display in a webpage just took my breath away. The colors ranged from white, grey and oh so many. They were made from different textures complete with a sash and a bow, you were spoiled for choice then finally decided to order a royal blue one with an off white rather deep cream sash which matched the shirt and a string bow just like the cowboys when you came back home it was late but your touch had been duly delivered and packaged nicely. You gazed dreamily at the box as the next morning was Sunday and a date with your very own Tuxedo. You decided to throw a party in the meantime you just had to try it once. So, there goes un-packed the box, took out the dream tuxedo and you diligently put it on.

Oh! Was that handsome debonair gentleman staring at you from the mirror in a superbly mens fitted tuxedo. It felt like a second skin not loose or wrinkly anywhere the fabric had a silky feel a satiny finish. This called for champagne and you drank a toast to yourself. It really was a superb Tuxedo with the deep cream sash and the string bow made you look like and feel like a millionaire the owner of a fleet of Ferraris.

An experience to remember

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