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How To Measure For A Dress Shirt,Dress Shirt Size Chart

Measuring tape is the way to help and get the perfect look for a man. From the base to the neck, chest, waist and more, measurement tape helps in getting the look according to the need. Every man has different size and knowing the right size is all you need.

Alpha and numeric are the two types of sizes that are known since long. Every individual looks for the right size or wants to know how to measure waist size or the dress shirt. In order to know about the size of the dress, it is required to understand the measurement of the dress as well as the body. This is because both are the factors responsible to fit and adjust the best. There are different dress shirt sizes that are required to know, but before this, the need is to know the right measurement of dress shirt and its waist circumference.

Waist Circumference Measurement

Measuring waist circumference is measuring the short of waistline that is just above the belly of a human body. Here is how to measure waist in a perfect way.

� Locate the upper hip bone. A proper spot will be found by placing the hand around the waist.

� Place the measuring tape slightly around the bare stomach that is just above the hip bone.

� Use the tape measure and hence measure the circumference of the hips.

� With the use of circumference measured, calculate the waist to hip by dividing waist circumference with hips measurement.

How Should the Dress Shirt Fit?

It might be the long sleeve or it can be mens short sleeve dress shirts. Be it anyone, whatever the requirement is, the need is to know the best fit. To have the short or long sleeve is all your choice, but knowing numeric and well as well as alpha shirt sizes are important.

In order to know both the type of sizes, you need to check the chart. Here is the mens shirt size chart to help you the best.

Before proceeding the need might become to know right chest size and hence being aware of how to measure chest size is important. Here is the answer to how?

� Take a tape and wrap it under the armpit.

� The measurement should be done leaving an inch or two from the chest according to the requirement.

� Stand normally and get the chest measurement.

This image consists of the different size chart according to both numeric and alpha types.




Sleeve Length



14 to 14.5 inches

36 to 27 inches

32 to 33 inches

28 to 30 inches


15 to 15.5 inches

38 to 40 inches

33.5 to 34.5 inch

31 to 32


16 to 16.5 inches

41 to 44 inches

34 to 53 inches

33 to 35 inches

Extra Large

17 to 17.5 inches

45 to 48 inches

35 to 36 inches

36 to 38 inches

Other than the above-mentioned size chart, the latest fashion trait and trend has included regular fit mens collared shirt, formal fit, classic fit, informal fit and more. And the size chart is valid for all the fits.

After you get to know how to take measurements of shirts and chest it would be easy to bring shirt of the right measurement. Color is all your choice. Dress shirt size chart is there to help in picking a perfect one. For sports person, it might be a tough deal to get up perfectly in the common dress shirt for the casual or formal or any look. Their gesture is the reason that makes it happen. Athletic fit dress shirts would fit the sportsmen in the best.

Before you pick one, the need is to know what dress size am I? Getting the best piece would be simply easy. Be it long sleeve dress shirt or one of the other types, the right size is required to be known. This will help to bring perfection in the look. Know the right shirts measurement. Be it a short sleeve or of another type, the need is to make right selection.

If you have a tailor measuring tape, being aware of right chest size along with the waist is all the requirement. You also need to know the right way of wearing the outfit. Sometimes there is a probability that you might not get fit in the right way and hence this is the reason the need is to know how to measure a shirt.

Different Dress Sizes

There is known numerical sizing from 0 to 5. So when trying on dresses if you fit in size 2 dress the best, the need is to get in the best look. And these dress sizes equate to UK dress size from XXS to XXL. Size guidelines can be easily checked in a suitable manner. The right dress shirt size chart is the way to appear classy and hence getting in perfection is effortless. Every mens chest varies from each other. When you are aware of the way to take a measurement, it makes you look perfect. From the average arm length to entire another length the best can be easily availed.

If you are not aware of what is a dress shirt, the need is to get clearance about it. Making the best selection of dress shirt are simply required. If you have a confusion between the fitted vs slim fit, getting the difference cleared is all you need.


Fit VS Slim Fittings

A well fitting shirt helps to seek compliments with the physique in all right places. A closer fitting shirt that is well designed makes to look the best. Slim fit and the fitted shirts is the way to look better.

Slim Fit : The shirt is designed for a more athletic body shape as it measures up 4 to 6 inches. This type is smaller than a regular fit shirt. The waist is more tapered giving it a closer fit.

Fitted : Young guys and men who prefer to wear a nice piece, need to have fitted one. This type of casual shirt dress is close to the body without any fullness around in the body.

Know the right neck measurement with the type you wish to wear with the best waist and chest fit and hence looking bold and perfect is just effortless.