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Create Perfect Style Statement With Daniel Ellissa Dress Shirt

Although, most of the times, fashionable men prefer to wear dress shirts whenever they have to attend any special formal occasion, very few people know about the difference between dress shirts and other available shirts. Now, in order to identify the right french cuff dress shirt for you, you should acquire knowledge about the basic features and specifications of high quality dress shirt. Therefore, you might know that men team up their dress shirt with tuxedo, suit or coat while they are attending formal event whereas they simply wear the dress shirt or sometime accessorize it with different types of jacket when attending semi formal program.

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Distinct Features of Dress Shirt

Button – Button is one of the most vital parts of dress shirts that help to stand them apart from other ordinary shirts. According to fashion world, dress shirt should possess buttons from collar to waist and can be opened in the middle. Generally, seven to eight buttons are used to make dress shirt. Collar – Collar is another significant part of dress shirt. Therefore, Daniel Elissa dress shirt provides different types of collar styles to suit individual needs of people. Some popular collar styles of dress shirts are Windsor, tony, button-down and many more. .

Cuffs – Now, as you know cuffs are used to cover the wrist of the wearer. Usually, you can find two different cuff styles available in the markets that are French cuff and Barrel cuff. Placket – Placket is an interesting feature of dress shirt that you cannot find in any other type of shirt. This unique feature look like a strip related to button and runs down in front of the dress shirt where the buttonholes are sewn. Moreover, standard dress shirts provides 1.5 inches width placket.

Pleats – Pleat is more common in mens dress shirt rather than tailored one. The style of the pleat keeps the fabric folded back over it. If you are looking for less formal wear, you should choose the one with single box pleat in the mid of your back. Pockets – Generally, extremely formal dress shirt do not come up with pockets. However, sometimes, in the left side corner single pocket is placed. Our website gives you the opportunity to purchase top-rated Daniel Ellissa dress shirt with huge discount offer.