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Tips & Tricks Of Wearing Mens Hats


A mens top hat is traditionally made of soft felt and is commonly worn by men as accessory. But it is made of many materials these days like straw, wool, velvet, suede and twill. The hat is creased down that forms the crown and pinched in the front on both sides. They are also creased with diamond crowns etc.

The trilby hat which is narrow brimmed mens top hat and homburg hat are similar to mens top but has no pinches has a higher crown and shapely turned up with wider brim. This mens top was also the fashion for women but it jumped to men among the upper class.

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There are also pinstripe mens top hat which is sold as part of gangster Halloween costumes till date. The best feature of mens top is that it can be worn with any dress and in any season.

A straw mens top is great in summer likewise a wool mens fedora hat in great in winter to keep the head warm. The wide brims of mens top hat also protect from sun rays.

The shape of the mens top can also be changed by folding the brim up or down according to style. The mens tops are available in all retail stores. The mens tops made of various kinds of materials and is available in various online and offline stores.

Tips & Tricks of wearing mens hats

One should grab the mens top on both sides with the back toward him. The pressure is on sides of the index fingers and spins it to 180 degrees.

Dancing form is another fun trick while dancing for dramatic entry and exit. In this form also the hat is hold by four fingers inside the back of the hat where the tag is and the thumb on the outside. The position is so that the top of the hat if facing upwards.

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Foot to Head- This trick is a difficult hat trick and is more suitable for theatrical appearances. The four fingers are again put inside the front of the hat and is pushed upwards making it rotate many times in upward direction and parallel to the ground. When the mens Hat is falling down legs re extended so that it falls on the foot. The hat is catched with the foot and again the leg is pushed upwards tossing the hat up towards the head. The mens top hat adds a stylish look to the outfit for both for men and women.

A mens top flip is an impressive entry and exit anywhere. It is best to adjust while walking. As the name suggest flipping the hat on the head is the way to wear this. This is done by holding the hat from the back and putting the fingers inside the hat where tag is and then putting the thumb inside on the outside of the hat parallel to the fingers.