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Bring Back the Old Style to Life: Zoot Suits from MensITALY

When it comes down to men's suits, they have certainly undergone a revolution as fashion industry keeps coming up with new styles every decade. Suits have been the only perfect attire that has always been the professional attire for men irrespective of the changes imparted by fashion industry every now and then. On this note, Zoot attires have a long history that is quite interesting. They way it was first originally introduced in the world, how it influenced and revolutionized the thinking of modern men, what kind of role it had to play in gangster era etc. They are a part of Urban-American fashion. Some people might be influenced to think that this particular style is quite old and faded away. That is not entirely true and they proved it by becoming the heights of fashion for Mexican-Americans. This class of race in order to distinguish themselves and set their own distinctive style started wearing these attires more predominantly which was later also titled as "Pachucos". It was the rebellious fashion of young men during 1930s and 1940s. The oversized attire was an extravagant personal style and a declaration of freedom and auto-determination. Many people still consider it as a "rebellious garment of the era". It is described as a "killer coat with a drape shape, reet pleats and shoulders padded like a lunatic's cell." Zoot suits were men's favorite fashion attire in America, Italy, and Philippines during the 1940s. It represented an appearance of male macho in the east side of Los Angeles and Watts.

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Zoot suits come with high-waist, wide-legged, tight-cuffed pegged trousers and a long coat with wide lapels and wide padded shoulders. It was always worn with a long keychain that looped almost to the ankle. Zoot suit consists of a jacket that is quite long with wide lapels and padded shoulders. Pants are typically worn high at the waist. The pants are cut very widely and pleated as well in terms of design around the leg area. It is also worn along with a vest. People who wore these outfits typically had long gold chain hanging down from the pocket to the vest button. This gold chain is attached to a pocket watch which is usually kept at the vest pocket depicting a unique and distinguishing style that was quite predominant. Back then, the best part about wearing these suits is the fedora hats which people worn as a unique style statement. This particular hat also had a feather attached to it on the side brim of the hat that protruded towards the back of the hat and downwards. A lot of riots, murders, gangster lootings, chaos in crime and order, racist mutinies between communities were quite predominant which shook the entire race of humans and yet these zoot suits in particular stand out with class.

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The suits ever since have always made a deep impact on men's fashion world. They are elegant, sexy, bold, and stylish that gives you a rugged yet manly looks which most men desire. Style, designs, patterns etc everything might have undergone revolutionary changes thanks to fashion industry's innovative and creative ideas, but the zoot still remains to be classy and something you ought to have in terms of variety in your wardrobe. They are available in a variety of models and colors in our website. The sizes available are 36-52, regular and long. They are available in different styles fashionable colors like gray, red, brown, yellow, purple, and white and pink. Some of the popular Zoot suits are:

Zoot Tux, Sand Zoot suits, Black and White Pinstripes, Joker Purple suits, Blue Sharkskin suits, Platinum Sharkskin suits, Zebra Zoot suits, Black with Red Pinstripes, Tiger suits, Black with Gold Gangster Pinstripes, Sapphire Blue suits, Red Multi Suits and so on.