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Different Tuxedo Styles

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Choosing a tuxedo requires paying attention to the different styles of the attire. Based on style, the tuxedos are fundamentally classified into single breasted jackets and double breasted jackets. The single breasted jacket is the category where the front ends of the jacket do not overlap. The traditional single breasted style is the one with single button but the two button style is also becoming popular nowadays. In fact, three or four buttons tuxedos are also slowly coming into vogue, but they are rare and generally preferred by taller men. As you may already know, that the single breasted tuxedo can also be worn with a waistcoat making the ensemble a three-piece attire. The waistcoat is however, optional. You may wear the waistcoat or you may not prefer to wear it, the tuxedo styles choice exclusively depends upon your individuality.

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The other fundamental style is the double breasted jacket in which the front ends of the jacket overlap and are therefore mandatory to button the front ends, which is not the case with the single breasted tuxedo variety. You can either button the single breasted tuxedo (which is traditionally provided with a singular button) or if it is more than one button, you can button all but one, leaving the lower button open. These are all elements of personal style and individuality that you would have to explore while choosing tuxedo styles. That in fact is the essence of perfecting a style, the element of individuality and it acts in a roundabout way. It means that the tuxedo you are wearing is defining your style, and you are choosing the tuxedo style based on your individual preferences. So, that is the roundabout nature about style. There is no point in wearing a waistcoat with a double breasted tuxedo jacket, because major portion of the waistcoat would be obscure behind the buttoned jacket, except the neck and part of the upper chest region. However, some men do prefer to wear a waistcoat with the double breasted jacket.

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Yet another crucial element of style is the cummerbund, which is essentially the waistband. The cummerbund is worn with both single breasted and double jackets, but you should never wear both a waistcoat and a cummerbund together as that is a fashion exaggeration considered a mistake.

The tuxedo styles classification is also made based on the lapel collar alignment. In certain tuxedos, the lapel is somewhat rounded and it has a flow without any upward or downward ridges, and it is known as the shawl lapel. This is a traditional style. The other two lapel collar alignments are the peak lapel and the shawl lapel. In the peaked lapel, the lapel is pointed upwards and in the notch type, the lapel makes a notch with the collar. The notched lapel is the popular-most contemporary style and the peak and shawl tuxedo styles are considered traditional lapel styles. However, styles may change. For instance, the shawl lapel style was a rage in the 70s and the 80s.