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Top Fashion with Top Hats

Top Hats are an essential part of classic Victorian fashion. Though we have passed the era long back, still Top Hats are immensely popular though in a revised & form. We do not get to see them frequently still their importance cannot be denied in high-end fashion.

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Top Hats, is also known as silk hat, cylinder hat, chimney pot hat or simply as topper because of its shape. A top hat is generally tall, flat on the top & surrounded by a wide brim. Top hats remained very popular from the end of 18th century till mid 20th century. It is strictly a part of western formal especially Victorian outfit or for business meetings.

Whenever we think of these cylinder hats we automatically think of Sherlock Holms or Abraham Lincoln. These Top Hats are associated with the elite class of the society. Though later became popular in every section of the society. These hats are still popular. Though there is a drastic change in the style, shape & color. But they are never out of fashion.

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The hats are generally made of materials like silk, satin, wool or even cotton, both for men & women. But the classic top hat is a silk made black one with a ribbon on it. Women can decorate their hats with father, flowers or nets. They are now available in attractive colors, like- red, white, pink, grey, blue ? you name it & you will get it.

These hats are not always tall; you can also get half top hats in the market. These are a little short in length. The use of Top Hats has become very limited. We often see people wearing the hats in movies or theaters or fashion events or in marriage functions. But most popularly we associate them with magicians performing different tricks- isn?t it?

Though we hardly get to see people wearing these kinds of hats today, but if you have one then you better take good care of that. We can now see some small & effective ways to maintain Stovepipe hats-

  • Place them in a safe place to avoid dust
  • Clean them regularly
  • Use a soft brush to avoid any scratch

These are well known & easy to maintain tips. As these hats have become rare you need to make sure that you preserve them so that the next generation also can get the feel of the royal Victorian fashion statement.

We all know that hats are an important fashion accessory. When worn appropriately with the dress, make you look stunning. If you chose the right Top Hats people will appreciate & remember your appearance for a long time. But if it goes wrong then it can simply destroy your personality. Today when we talk a lot about complete accessorization, it is crucial to take close look at all the aspects. Because, nobody really cares about your dress or shoes separately, it has become a total package. If one single segment is not up to the mark, then it will be remembered as a disaster. So, watch your look & move on with the right style & attitude.