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French cuff mens dress shirts for a complete formal look

A french cuff mens dress shirts is one of the best choices for men who wish to don on a complete formal look.

Trends may keep changing but class is permanent and this is what french cuff mens dress shirts is all about? it speaks of class through each of its stitch and pattern. And, when you plan to wear one of these shirts, then it is better done with perfection as is demanded by formal attire! Sporting a semi formal look with such a shirt will be diluting the entire appeal and this is definitely not desirable. But how do you know the right way to wear a dress shirt with French cuffs? First of all, let?s start with the basics. In order to know the right way of doing something, we need to first understand what that is and the comprehension needs to be crystal clear. Only then will we be able to do complete justice to it even if we go a bit out of the beaten path!

Essential of french cuff mens dress shirts

What are men's dress shirts and what difference does the inclusion of French cuffs make to entire design?

Let?s start from the beginning. Mens dress shirts are the best form of formal attire that a man can don on to grace any formal occasion if he wants to create a lasting impression. Why is it so? Well, a dress shirt is completely buttoned up in front from the collar to the hemline. The collar in a dress shirt can be spread out or buttoned up as well, depending on the requirements of the wearer. From the time that dress shirts became a part of daily attire in America and Britain, the design has gone through a lot of difference and has become more flexible, giving the wearer a chance to show them off without a jacket and tie.

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A french cuff mens dress shirts will come with double folded cuffs. There are four small button slits on the cuff and when you fold the cuffs these become two slits and can be buttoned up, thus giving the cuff a folded appearance. Few French cuff shirts also come with tie-up style but this has become rarity now. Men usually prefer buttons or cufflinks over knots as that gives their dress a completely contemporary feel.

Though you can get these shirts in a number of colors and patterns, you should always be careful while choosing one for yourself. Your selection should be based on the weather. This will be the most important deciding factor when you select the color or fabric of your shirt. For instance during summers and for warmer climate zones it is better to select cotton or linen french cuff mens dress shirts in cool shades. Silk and satin fabric can be chosen for cooler weathers. It is also very important to match the shirts with a proper formal jacket. You can also make these shirts a part of your three piece suit finish off the look with a perfect formal shoe which will go well with the occasion.