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Accompany your tuxedo with a suitable best tuxedo vest

If you are wearing a 3 piece tuxedo, you would need a vest. Choosing the best tuxedo vest would require paying attention to the fabric and other details of the vest.

The tuxedo is a formal wear attire. The tuxedo can be either a two piece one or a three piece one. A two piece tuxedo ensemble consists of a jacket and the trousers. The only extra item that distinguishes a two piece attire from a three piece one is the presence of the tuxedo vest. Choosing the best tuxedo vest should come secondarily after you have chosen your tuxedo jacket. One important point to remember in this context is that in case you are wearing a tuxedo with cummerbund, then there is no point in wearing a vest. Cummerbund and vest together is a fashion exaggeration that you should be avoiding. However, most men in the US prefer to wear a vest over a cummerbund. As you are searching for the best tuxedo vest, presented in this article are some important points that you should be necessarily keeping in mind.

Mens Grey Vest

Another point of clarification that you should remember is that the tuxedo vest can be worn both with a single breasted jacket and a double breasted jacket. However, there is a difference. A double breasted jacket would require mandatory buttoning of all the buttons whereas a single breasted jacket does not require mandatory buttoning. If you are wearing a single breasted jacket, you can as well as keep the jacket unbuttoned or close in the one or two buttons that are a characteristic of the single breasted jacket. Four button single breasted jackets are not considered traditional fashion and hence they are not frequently worn. However, even if you are tall and you are wearing a four button jacket then too you should button all but the bottom button for the perfect style statement. When considering buttoning, you can choose to wear a vest. The vest looks good in either ways, whether the jacket is worn buttoned or unbuttoned. Many men, who like to wear bests, also prefer to wear the vest with a double breasted jacket. A double breasted jacket, however, is never worn unbuttoned.

The choice of best tuxedo vest is limited between two categories. You can either choose to wear a fullback vest or a backless vest. If you are planning to take off your jacket at the occasion, then obviously you should refrain from wearing a backless vest. People prefer to wear backless vests because in that way one can avoid the extra volume that the vest imparts at the back. Besides, the backless vests may have adjustable neck regions for better sizing.

If you are planning to open your single breasted jacket at the occasion in order to be comfortable, then you should be definitely choosing a full back vest. Vest colors are usually black or white matching with the color of the tuxedo. Also, you should make sure that you are choosing the vest with a suitable fabric. Since the vest would be closer to your body, the comfort factor should definitely be considered while choosing the best tuxedo vest. Cotton and wool fabrics are among the most comfortable of fabrics.