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The Amazing Variety Of Exotic Dance Shoes

A perfect pair of shoes can give you an amazing appearance you can hardly imagine. No matter what the occasion is or the outfit that you are wear, if the footwear that you are wearing is comfortable, stylish and well crafted especially if they are the exotic shoes, you are sure to create a style signature for yourself. Exotic shoes have stormed the world for quite some time by their elegance, style and designs. Apart from its protective factors exotic leather footwear elevates your style and status.

Today you will find a variety of exotic shoes worn on the dance floors. The type of the shoes depends largely on the category of dance that is to be staged as well as the floors on which the dance will be performed. The variety of exotic dance shoes mostly used today is namely:

Ballet Shoes are mostly made of exotic leather or canvas with split-sole or continuous sole. A flexible material is used under the arch for more ease while dancing and for the dancer to stand on pointed toes.

Jazz Shoes too are very common among the dancers that also have split soles for traction and flexibility. These exotic dance shoes are tied to the feet with laces or inserts made of elastic.

Ghillies are those specially designed exotic dance shoes worn for Scottish country dance and highland dance.These shoes are very soft and comfortable for swift movement and flexibility.

Pointed Shoes are designer mens shoes used for ballet dancing as well. The toe is stiff and the sole is hard that enables the dancer to stand on their toes. You will also find long pointed shoes made of exotic leather like crocodile or alligator. Initially the points were short. But gradually the length of the points increased and the best dancer could dance to the beat of the drums wearing a 12 inches long pointed shoes.

Tango and Flamenco exotic dance shoes are also well known for their unique style and elegance that they lend to tango and flamenco dancers.

Dance Sneakers are another variety of dance footwear that is extremely comfortable, light-weight and makes dancing quite easy.

Ballroom and Latin American exotic dance shoes have been worn by the famous dancers from a long time. The soles are made of suede and are the lace-up types with one-inch heels. The upper portions of the shoes are made of patent leather.

Foot Thongs are the slip-on types of exotic dance shoes that have a partial cover on the ball of the dancer’s feet for easy turns while avoiding skin abrasions. They are mostly flesh color that makes you feel that the dancer is dancing in bare feet.

Other exotic dance shoes that must be mentioned are the Tap Shoes and Character Shoes. The Tap shoes make a loud sound when the dancers tap their feet with the rhythms. Character Shoes have high heels not more than 3 inches and made of soft leather or suede.

The amazing variety of exotic dance shoes of the perfect standard and quality are available only at renowned stores.