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Importance Of Shoe Size

Shoes are an important part of any outfit or look as any outfit and look is incomplete without the shoes. Shoes are often termed as the mirror of a man's personality and also are one of the few first things that are being noticed in any men. One can easily judge a human being by its shoes.

Most of the mens dress shoes look very similar in design and look but it is not all true. Yes, the mens shoes have a close proximity in their design and look but there are differences that help in categorizing them. Mens shoes can be broadly divided as formal and informal shoes based on the occasions they can be worn at. Apart from design and style, the other most important feature of a mens shoes is its size.

A shoe size can be defined as the alphanumerical figure that indicates the fitting size of a shoe of a person. They are generally consisted of numbers that define the length of the shoe that will fit a man's foot.

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The length is, generally, measured in numeric figures from 1 onwards. The shoe size system varies in different part of the world but this is the most general and widely used system of measuring the fit of the shoe. Usually, most of the systems only measure the length of the feet but certain systems also measure the width of the feet. Shoe size differs considerably in case of men, women and children and it is very easy to know which size belongs to which category as the shape of the feet is very different in all three cases.

It is very important to know the mens shoe size to be able to buy a perfect fit pair of shoes as it is necessary to have perfect fit shoes, not only to enhance the looks but also to avoid any health problems. The shoes must be comfortable at first as we have to wear them for a long duration and if the shoe is not of a nice fit, it will lead to pain and other issues. So, just know your shoe size and be comfortable and trendy.

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