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Different Looks With Derby Hats For Men

Hats were once considered an essential part of any outfit when stepping out of your home and this stands true for both men and women although with time hats has seen a considerable decline in its usage over the globe.

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Although no one could ever be able to tell the exact reason for this decline but most appropriate reason could be the changing trends and a drift towards more casual outfits. Despite all this change, hats are still used by certain men on special occasions such as derby and are also fashioned time and again by celebrities. Hats add a certain amount of charm to an otherwise boring formal look.

Yes, mens hats are formal in nature that is why they can be seen on almost all formal occasions of ancient times.There are certain etiquettes that are associated with the hat and one must follow them. The most important etiquette is that to always remove the hat during national anthem and place it at your heart to show your respect. This is these gestures connected with the hat that makes it all the more special and important part of men's wardrobe. There are different types of hats that are appropriate for different occasions.

A flat cap is round shaped with small brim and high back and is often associated with working class. The fedora is soft, creased lengthwise down the crown and is pinched on both sides. The fedoras are a part of formal attire and once were considered a necessary accessory top go with formal and business attire. Pork pie is named so because of its resemblance to that of a pork pie. This hat is similar to the fedora but has a flat top instead of a pinched crown. Also, the brim is shorter and turned up as compared to the fedora. Homburg also looks somewhat similar to the fedora but has a brim which is turned all the way round and is accentuated with a hat band.

Lastly, the derby hats for men is hard and has very short brims. They were an integral part of both British and American culture in different centuries. Hats give its wearer a feeling of confidence and look effortlessly smart. So add up to your look with these uber stylish hats.

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