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Boost Your Style And Self-confidence With Formal Attire

If you are muscle-y and overweight, then it can be quite a problem finding the right formal attire for yourself. Even if you do manage to find something that suits you, then you might have a problem carrying it off at a formal gathering and looking as comfortable in their clothes as the others. But being healthy does not mean that it's a given that you will dress poorly. With the proper formal attire for men, you can look as dapper and as stylish as anyone at a casual gathering that requires dressing formally.

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Fit, quality and vertical lines

It is very important for healthy men to wear clothes that fit them. Impeccable fitting automatically flatters your shape and you look and feel comfortable in your clothes. However, correct fitting does not mean that you will buy clothes that are tight, or body-hugging. They must be comfortable and sufficiently spacey otherwise you will look like your are bursting out of your clothes.

There are a number of things that you must keep in mind while buying formal clothes for men. Vertical lines are something that makes you look shapelier as opposed to horizontal lines which make you look broad. So pinstriped coats and pants are a good choice. Another thing that you must keep in mind while buying formal clothing is that the more old the designs and cuts are, the more large you are likely to look. Old designs were made in a manner that wasn't too concerned about flattering the body shape of men. So wearing those will make you look old and fat.

Putting together a formal ensemble

While buying things like a blazer, you must make sure that it fits you in the shoulders and the arms. If the fittings are right in those places, then it is very likely that it doesn't go over your belly. The shirt that you wear underneath your blazer should be properly pressed and have vertical lines. If you wear a tie along with your formal ensemble then you must make sure that the tie is not too skinny, otherwise it will accentuate your largeness.

With our range of formal attire for men, you can look comfortable and stylish, without worrying about looking fat or bulky.

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