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Demystifying Black Suit, Black Shirt, Black Tie Combo

Dress shirts are an integral part of any formal outfit of men be it a suit, tuxedo, tailcoat or any other formal and certain semi-formal wear also. A well-fitted black suit black shirt black tie adds a charm to the suit and makes a man look all the more charming and elegant. Where a well-fitted shirt can add up to your look, an ill-fitted shirt can ruin your otherwise nice suited look.

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Another important feature need to be paid attention in a shirt is its fabric. The fabric must be comfortable and of good quality as an uncomfortable fabric, however smart it might look can never enhance your look. Comfort should always be the priority in any outfit and a dress shirt is no exception.

A mens dress shirt can be broadly classified in different styles according to the cuts and angles of the collars. The styles of collars can be divided as turndown collar, button-down collars and wing collars. Turndown collars are also known as laydown collar shirts and are further divided as point collars and spread collars. Turndown collars are one of the most common type of collars found on shirts as point collars and spread collars are found on almost 95% of all the dress shirts. Turndown collars, as name indicates have a turndown look giving the collar the shape of a triangle.

Point collar is the most common type of collar found across the world and gives a pointed look to the collar as the tips of the collar are very close. Spread collar is another popular type of collar and it reveals more part of the upper shirt as compared to the point collar.

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Button-down collar shirts are the least formal among all shirts and its collar tips are attached by two small buttons on the shirt. Lastly, wing collar shirt have wings at the front instead of a turndown look and they are most popularly known as tuxedo shirts. All these collars have certain qualities and features of their own that add to the look of the shirt and should be used appropriately to enhance your looks.