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Evolution of Alligator Shoes

Alligator shoesAlligator shoes are footwear made from the hides of alligators and are very popular due to the natural durability of the alligator skin. The material of alligator shoes is unique in its allure, texture and tile pattern depending on the particular cut of alligator skin used. Alligator shoes may also be made of leather or synthetic material which is then stamped to resemble alligator skin. These shoes have been around for a very long time. In prehistoric times, the necessity to cover the foot from hard and rough terrain and from harsh climatic conditions resulted in invention of Alligator shoes.

In modern times, besides protecting the feet, these shoes are worn more for comfort and as fashion statement. It has become important part of our outfit. Alligator shoes can help us know about the personality, social and economical condition of the person who has worn them.

People have started wearing different types of Alligator shoes such as Lace-up Alligator Shoes, Cap toes Alligator Shoes, Loafer Alligator Shoes, Slip on Alligator Shoes, White Alligator Shoes, Boots, Casual Alligator Shoes, Wingtips Alligator Shoes, Tasseled Loafer Alligator Shoes, Modern Style of Sandals, and Athletic Alligator Shoes. These types of shoes are available at MensItaly located in Los Angeles, USA.


The evolution of Alligator shoes came into being in the prehistoric time as old as 15,000 years. The cave paintings depict human hunting with Alligator shoes worn by them. The shoes illustrated in the cave paintings were made out of animal skin and furs. These oldest type of Alligator shoes is called Moccasin. In warm countries like Egypt, Greece and Rome, sandals woven from plant materials were worn.

The Alligator shoes in Middle Ages were soft, richly decorated with materials like velvet and gold. Populaine made out of wooden clogs were used. They were used to protect these shoes from mud or water. The more modern form of populaine is the heeled shoe.

In renaissance period, the Alligator shoes were without heels, slashed with puffs of fabric pulled through the cuts. Leather was the most common material used to make them. These shoes had laces or buckle straps to tie them around the feet.

Alligator shoes

The appearance of duck-billed Alligator shoes, widely used during Charles VII' reign, was lost during the Elizabeth's reign. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, high heels Alligator shoes were used once again. These shoes were decorated with rosettes, lace and beautifully embroidered. Alligator shoes like Pantofle, pumps, mule, and latchets were used commonly.

During 17th century, the Alligator shoes with high tongue, buckles, and square toe became popular. Straps were used to fasten the shoes. In 18th century, the thick heels begin to thin down. Towards the late 18th century and early 19th century Alligator shoes became narrow oval toes. The popular styles in 19th century were Blucher boot, button boot, cloth boots, and Balmoral boots.

With industrial revolution, Alligator shoes were made in machines. This resulted in common use of leather with more refined and precise measurements. The usage of Men's Alligator Shoes varied depending on the activity and the time of day. Oxford Alligator Shoes were used for walking. The Elastic Sided Alligator Shoes were used in evening time. For special evening dress, Pump Alligator Shoes was used. Then, highly fashionable formal footwear spats made its appearance.