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How to Achieve a Flawless Gaze with Pinstripe Suits

Pinstripe suits are considered to be one of the appropriate suits for business wear and banking personnel’s use this suit to represent them neat and smart. As days passed by, the designer wanted to balance a professional look and also never wanted to compromise with the new trendy designs and so pinstripe suits are reassigned to more of out-of-the office affairs portraying a suave and elegant look. Any person who wishes to look like a perfect gentleman can wear this suit and it is suitable even for the ones who look shorter as the vertical pattern looks good on them. These suits can be used in the morning times, unlike the tuxedos, which are used after dusk. It is important to know how to pull off a pinstripe at the right occasion and this suit is not apt for casual wear or ultra-formal wear.

When it comes to social gatherings, pinstripe suit has a dapper choice for important meetings especially for those who are in high position. It is not advisable to wear these 3 Button suits to parties and black tie affairs. There are certain principles and rules to achieve an impeccable look with pinstripe suits. Between the suit, shirt and tie, at least one should be of solid colors. When chooses to wear checked for either shirt or tie, the checks should be very tight and they should not compete with the vertical stripes of the pinstripe suits.

Pinstripe suitsWhite Pinstripe Suit

The way of dressing can enhance different type of looks and you can dress the way you want to represent yourself. For an elegant look, French cuffs and cuff links with contrast collar epitomize suave personality. For a Modern look, spread collar with a thickly knotted tie will give you a striking and stunning look. For a sophisticated look, try matching the tie color with the color of the stripe in the suit which creates a complementary look for overall appearance.

Two Popular Brands of Pinstripe Suit

There are two popular brands known for pinstripe suits and they are

  1. Hickey Freeman

  2. and
  3. Hart Schaffner

If you are taller and can pull off a three button suit, then Hickey's suit is definitely for you. Hart Schaffner suit is more universal and its sleek and classy track stripes make it look more luxurious and worth like a million dollars. Initially, this suit was considered to be used only for office purposes. Later on, this mentality was broken and it is no longer for office-use only. These suits are impeccable in nature and they provide a true touch of professionalism and classiness.

Some Tips to Improve the Art of Dressing with Pinstripe Suits

Below, you will find some tips to improve the art of dressing with pinstripe suits.

  • A three piece suit along with a bright red small checked gingham shirt will give you a stupendous look without any doubt.

  • Medium-hued gray suit differs from a typical Wall Street pinstripe in its stitching style. Its slim lapels nipped at the waist create a modern outfit.

  • Accessories are very important for a catchy look and stainless steel watches help in enhancing the outfit to look splendid.

  • A classic black with muted white pinstripe suit will be stunning when it is matched with a grey tie and white shirt along with cotton pocket square.

  • Bright blue micro-stripes on traditional navy blue will turn a man smarter when it is paired with light blue shirt and a patterned tie.

  • Patterned shirts can add more elegance to the pinstripe suits but it can turn out to look very ridiculous when they are not matched with appropriate accessories.

Thus, these are some of the tips that one should remember while wearing a pinstripe suit to achieve an unblemished look.