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How to Dress Up with Tuxedo for a Promising Look

Tuxedos has the power of turning an ordinary man to look like a gentleman but it has got some rules and code of dressing to follow otherwise it might end up in a ridiculous manner. There are many different types of tuxedo jackets available and for each and every style it has got its own attires to be followed. When one decides to wear a black tie, there are certain principles to be followed. The first one is that black tuxedos along with black tie are considered to be semi formal attire and it should be used mostly in the evenings. As white tie is considered to be the highest form of formals, black tie should be used in appropriate places only.

Tuxedos are not apt for special occasions that start in the morning and ends in the noon. It is for those events that starts in the noon and ends after dark. Most people dress up the tuxedo in a wrong way or at the wrong time and they end up looking ridiculous like a waiter. We all know that there are three types of lapels namely notch, peak and shawl collar. If one wants to be dressed in a typical formal wear, then the right choice would be the peak lapel. However shawl collar is also equally considerable for a formal wear and it looks good with the unbroken loop around the shoulders and at the back of the neck. Notch lapels are preferred for business wear that too it is considered as semi-formal attire.

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To look sleek and slim, tuxedos without any vents are preferred and for those who need to feel very comfortable double vents with easier pocket access are preferred. Pleated pants are used for a complete formal wear and flat front belongs to the contemporary modern fit. The evening waistcoat or the three-piece vested jacket is optional and it can add extra elegance and style to your tuxedo.

Accessories also play a major role is enhancing the elegance and style of the tuxedo. Accessories like cummerbunds can look adorable and splendid along with sunglasses. Shirts for tuxedos also play an important role in impacting the style of the suit. There are two types of collar shirts- wing collar and turndown collar shirts. In these, french cuffs shirts are normally used for semi-formal meetings and they do not fit in for a formal wear.

When it comes to bows, there are four types of bows – butterfly, semi butterfly, and straight-end and pointed. Butterfly bow suits for the ones with large, round faces and semi butterfly bow also called the "thistle" works well with almost all the faces. Straight end also called the "batwing", perfectly suits people with thin necks and faces. The pointed bow is the ideal choice for the ones who got angular sharp face.

White tuxedos are used mostly for weddings and especially for christening events as it reflects the color of purity and majesty. Grey pinstripe suits are considered to be business attires as they provide a professional look. The traditional black tuxedo is used for evening dinner parties and the colorful tuxedos are widely used by the teenagers for proms. Well polished shoes is a must for a neat presentation and other accessories like cuff links and studs, suspenders, sock garters , pocket square, boutonniere are optional but it can enhance one's comfort level to the maximum and can make the tuxedo to look absolutely fabulous and spectacular.