Italian suits mens fashionistas wear are authentic. Many mens suits come from the area of Florence. Suit making is an art form in Italy. Italian men are the best-dressed men on the planet. And it’s not the sunglasses that make that statement true. Italian men love to invest in high-quality clothing.

They follow role models who design quality clothing. Designers like Giorgio Armani and Patrizio Bertelli set the pace for men’s fashions. But it’s not just Italian men who enjoy buying suits made in Florence. Today, American men are catching up with Italian men.

Although American men wear Italian suits to the office, they also wear them on dates. Read on to find out why you should own at least one Italian suit.

Italian Suits are Wardrobe Staples

A man in an Italian suit means business. In fact, he demands respect from the entire community. And Milan and Rome are hubs for men who want to look great. In addition, Florence is often in conversations about suit manufacturing. Florence is a beautiful renaissance city along the Arno River. But it is also where fashionable men and Italian suits intersect.

The shops near the Duomo are examples of this wonderful marriage. It’s a union between Italian suits and mens accessories. Yes, those factories in the countryside of Florence make the finest suits in Italy. They know texture means a lot in suit making. And those Italian artisans can pick the finest fabrics.

However, most suit makers use machinery from the old world. Even so, many use modern technology to produce suits with worldwide appeal. Yet, men with style should wear Italian fabrics the right way. Only men who understand different textures prefer Italian suits.

When to Wear Italian Suits Mens Fashions

Men can put an Italian outfit together for a semi-formal party. But they can wear them to a shareholders meeting, too. For instance, try an Egyptian cotton shirt with a handmade Italian tie. Next, add a pair of Italian calfskin shoes. And never leave home without adding accessories to your suit.

For example, men can wear a white pocket square and gold cufflinks. And a pair of patterned socks can complement their shoes. These accessories help men show what they’re made of. Men in Italian suits demand attention. The fact is, every man should own at least one Italian suit.

Italian Suits: Mens Top Fashion from Florence