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How To Buy Pants That Fit Men?

Mens pants

Pants are above all significant as they work as a presenter for rest of the clothing. Pant is more like a background of a get-up and a foundation for the outerwear. As they cover large part of the outfit, they do impact on how body appears in the outfit, tall or short. Long, straight high rise leg gives you a taller look while pant breaks such as leg cut with boot tucks, low rises or cuffs gives you a shorter look. Pant break are folds above the cuff, made to adjust length of fabric leg and the person's physical leg. Without break, the front line of the pant might scrape the shoe. Before getting into the details on well fit pant, you should ask yourself "How to buy pants that fit men?"

Suit Pants and Dress Trousers

These pats should place itself at hip bones, straight beneath the navel. In Dress trousers, you ought not to see the curves of your butt. In such cases try to avoid oversized and loose pants. The trousers' waist should be slim enough not to require belt to stay put. Avoid pleats as they make the pant appear loose. Breaks can be folded according to your preference.

Chinos or Corduroys

They must fit somewhat slimmer than suit pants and dress trousers. It is worn an inch or two lower to the waist. To wear chinos on a business meeting, go for a conservative fit like a dress trouser. To wear chinos casually, go for slim fit but avoid chinos, too slim at the seat as in such fits, pockets do not lay flat against the pant. For chinos, prefer a slight break or a medium break. A full break or multiple breaks looks messy over chinos, but you can opt for such breaks in case of slim-fitting or casual chinos. Again, avoid pleats.


Jeans are the most casual pants and you get a wide range of styling options in case of jeans to choose from. Wear them an inch lower than the chinos, just put up at the top of your butt and 3" to 4" under the navel. Form-fitting jeans are among best fit jeans. Prefer straight leg. However, Slim-styled jeans appear suitable on most body-types. Avoid jeans which are skintight in the thigh and slack beneath the knees. For large thighs opt for tapered jeans. Jeans stretch a lot and so, to obtain perfect fit in legs and seat, size down one or more sizes. In case of jeans, go for full break or multiple breaks to form stacks.

In the age of internet, to buy best fit has is cool. Many virtual shops and virtual merchants deal with marketing these pants on their online websites.

 www.mensitaly.com is a similar company website over which you can buy cheap and perfect fit pants online. It has an assortment of pant collections sufficing the international tastes of pants.So, buying a pair of pants is no more a tiresome job. What is requisite is to recognize the answer to "How to buy pants that fit men?"

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