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Men's Orange Suits

A man is known for what he be dressed in and he is always judged by his impression and appearance. Clothing and apparel is of quintessential importance as it solely reflects a man's qualities. In order to look smart and eye-catching, men should adorn to good quality attires that fits on the wearer. One attire that is in fashion for years would be the suits and they are the most basic and standard attire that gives great look on any man. Men's suits give a great look to any man thereby grabbing attention. They are worn for almost all occasion types and this especially applies to tuxedos. The best part about them is that they don't go out of style as they are stylish and attractive.

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Suit colors can be classified into traditional colors like black, brown, grey etc, bold colors like red, green, yellow and patterned like pinstriped, plaids, checkered and so on. Bold colors are the colors that don't come under the regular traditional color category. Colors that are of the shades of Reds, greens, whites and pinks are all bold statements for a suit. Orange comes under the category of bold colors as it is considered to be a loud and open. Orange suit can be worn by men to casual parties, fancy get together, hangouts with friends and in other non- formal and not too dressy occasions. The main aspect is to keep the colors and the patterns of the shirt considerably safe, subtle and subdued since orange in itself demands enough attention and flashiness. As the suits themselves make a flashy statement, the shirts need to be simple and plain. Therefore, depending on wearing shirts of the contrasting colors alone is never going to work with orange. The safest options for shirts for this bold color include white, off- white or very light colored subtle shirts. White ones tend to be neutrals here as they can go with all kinds of bold colors and maintain the sophistication of the ensemble. You can go for a black shirt or a neutral grey colored shirt. Another way to don the bold colored ones would be to choose a lighter shade of their matching color. Lighter and subtler shade of orange can provide a good contrast as well as keep the tone of the ensemble present and cool.

When it comes to accessorizing, orange suits do not demand too many top ups to the ensemble as they demand their own unique attention with their boldness. Go gentle on accessorizing. Go for a neutral colored tie which doesn't clash with the orange color of the suit. You can opt for pocket squares in a similar manner. When it comes to wearing shoes, go for formal and slightly dressy shoes like brogues or monk straps. The color of the shoes should be in tone with the color of the suit. The fit factor for men's orange suits should fit comfy, but not tight around the upper body. Make sure there is just enough room to slip a hand inside the breast flap of your orange suit. Jacket sleeves should drop to just above the palm of the hand. Wide lapels, shirt collars and neckties can overwhelm a slender physique in double breasted suit. Conversely, narrow shoulders, tie and collars magnify the proportions of fuller-figured men. And the width of a necktie also should be in proportion to coat lapels. Standard cuffs, with functioning buttons, ticket pockets and side vents are small touches that can add a lot to a linen suit. Pleated pants tend to make legs and hips appear wider, while flat-front pants create the opposite effect. Cuff-free slacks tend to elongate the look of the leg. Cuffed pants have a truncating effect because the vertical line is disrupted. Orange suits have a slenderizing effect on portly men, while that extra panel of fabric can appear to swallow the physique of slender men.