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Men's Summer Suits

summer suitsThe summer suit is a man centered suit tailored exclusively to be used for semi formal and formal wear. MensItaly offers summer suits sewn from a wide variety of colors and materials; increasingly brighter colors and unconventional designs are all a pervasive feature in summer suit styling.

The fabrics used in the making of summer suits are Rayon, Wool and polyester. summer suit jackets possess satin on the lapels that are enclosed to the collars. The fancy detailing is generally in imitation silk satin such as polyester and rayon. Stiffeners are an important part of the summer suit that helps the lapel, collar and shoulders to retain the stiffness. summer suit pants almost resemble like the tailored except that they have satin ribbon sewn over the exterior seam of the leg. summer suit is a ready to wear garment made in specific and standard sizes.

Renting the summer suit was definitely an experience to remember. I had to rent summer suit for attending two events. Unfortunately, I don't know of any summer suit rental places in DC that cater to queer people so I had to go the conventional route. I picked the”MensItaly” Mens Wear house nearby. I was pretty nervous about the whole thing, so I asked my girlfriend to come with me, which definitely helped. The employees at the store were overall more accommodating than I expected. I had to go back several times for different issues and by the last time I went they all knew me by name. For someone with my frame (I'm 5'2" and not skinny) it wasn't easy to find a good fit. What I ended up with was rather boxy/baggy but I felt good.

At both events, to which we went, the most me and my girlfriend got were a few double takes and sideways glances. Nothing too terrible, it was much tamer than some of my previous experiences. The only other women wearing summer suits were the servers. I found one other woman (shout out to Melissa!) at the second event we went to, who was also wearing a summer suit and she awesomely came up and introduced herself, giving me props for also wearing a summer suit. Solidarity!

summer suits

MensItaly offers another very high in demand and a trendy product called as 3-button waistcoat and patent leather Oxford shoes that properly accessorize the summer suit. More contemporary styles often feature a full 5 or 6 button vest matching the tint of one's partner's dress, with a matching bow tie or four-in-hand-tangled tie of the same color. MensItaly has particularly worked on colors, materials and design factors to become one of the most powerful contestants in the market for producing exclusive and adorable quality of suits.

At MensItaly, products are designed so as to cater to extreme satisfaction need of the consumers. The challenges that face summer suit primarily spin around their capability to construct summer suits competitively. New colors, and new fabrics creep into summer suit use but the days of outrageous summer suits are largely over. At MensItaly, you can easily find the conservative black summer suit with white shirt used for middle-class weddings in addition to this; you can also find the summer suits with the variety of colors and designs.