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What Color Suit/tie Combo To A First Interview?

Suit and Tie

Clothes are the best way to create an impression. When perceiving your clothes, the onlooker creates the very first impression that they have about you, even before you start speaking. This fact is especially significant and relevant when it comes to dressing for your first interview. The people who will be taking your interview will remember you more by the way you have dressed than the way you speak to them. wearing a suit and a tie for an interview is a given, but you have to choose your suit and tie carefully as well, so that your clothes alone can do 50% of the job of ensuring that you are the last person they interview. Therefore you have to know what color suit/tie to a first interview you should wear to create an impact and look your professional best.

Accessorize your Suit Appropriately

By accessorizing, one means basically the kind of tie that you should be wearing to your first interview. When you are trying to figure out what kind of tie to wear, try to do some research about the place and the work environment of the place where you are about to go for an interview. You can try to dress accordingly so the people interviewing you feel that you are already part of the place. When picking a tie, try not to choose garish colors, and vivid and loud patterns, even if you are wearing a somber suit, because it will draw attention of the negative kind, something you don't want in your first interview.

Color and Pattern of your Tie According to your Tie

Formal Suit

Your tie should be such that it compliments your suit completely. If there is a stark contrast or great disparity between the color, pattern and texture of the two, then the people interviewing you may not take you seriously. Wearing solid colors is the best, and if you are wearing a black suit with a white shirt, you can choose the color of your tie more liberally. You also have to know how to tie the knot of tie. It usually depends on the type of collars that you have on your shirt, and the shape of your face, but if you are unsure about that, you can tie a simple half-Windsor knot.

Suits and tie are a classic combination that you have to get right, especially in situations like the time when you are going for an interview, and you have a number of people in front of you, whom you have to impress. If you know what color suit/tie to a first interview you should wear, you can ensure that your interviewers take a liking to you the moment you walk into the room.

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