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How To Match A Tie With A Dress Shirt And Suit?

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A suit is one of the most enigmatic attire for men, and it has continuously rendered class and sophistication to men who have worn it for time immemorial. However, if you have noticed, you will see that the suit is nothing without the right accessories and the right shirt and shoes. Unless you know what to wear with your suit, your suit will hang on your frame looking drab and devoid of any personality. One of the most interesting accessories that you can wear with your suit is the humble tie. A tie is the element that has unofficially become the thing that completes your entire look. You have to know How to Match a Tie With a Dress Shirt and Suit , so that you can look your formal best.

The Size of your Necktie

There are three types of ties that are made available to people- classy ties, casual ties, and hideous ties. You have to pick your tie from the first two categories and be sure to avoid samples from the third. You may be required to sport the tie in a number of places, whether it is the office or a business meeting, an evening party or a dinner party, a wedding or a funeral. One of the cardinal rules that you have to follow is that you have to match the color of your to the color of your suit and dress shirt, and not the other way around.

You have to ensure that the size of your tie is proportionate to your body size and also the clothes that you are wearing. For example, if you are on the broader or heavier size, choosing a tie that is thin and narrow will highlight your girth. Similarly, you should wear a slim tie if you are thin and lanky.

Color and Pattern of your Tie

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There is no hard and fast rule which can help you determine which color is appropriate to wear with what. However, two things can help you make your decision. The first is that where you are going to wear your tie determines what color you should wear with your suit and your dress shirt. For example, it is inappropriate for you to wear brightly colored ties at a funeral, and sometimes even at the workplace. Choosing to wear a tie with patterns is a harder decision to make; therefore the thing that you have to keep in mind is that the pattern on your tie does not clash with any pattern that might be on your dress shirt or suit . The best compliment to a necktie with a complex pattern is a suit and a shirt that is completely pattern-less.

Therefore you have to know How to Match a Tie With your Dress Shirt and Suit, so that you can assemble a comprehensive and coherent attire.

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