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3 button suit- For a Perfect Gentleman

Mens Teal Blue Suit

There are different kinds of suits which differ according to various styles and trendy patterns and even geographical locations also play an important role in selecting a suit. It includes even the number of buttons in a suit which determines for which particular occasion it can go well. Generally, in a custom fit, three buttons are available and in a slim fit suit two buttons are used and the former is used for a typical formal occasion. Three button suits are very traditional and they are very comfortable to wear and on can find a lot of variations in styles and colors. One can keep on experimenting new styles and trendy patterns as it is getting updated again and again and it is a never ending process.

3 button suits

Three-buttons suits are considered to be of old style but even today it exists in clothing industry because it is very comfortable for people who are very tall. This suit has a high button stance, naturally a V-shaped shallow design is formed when it is worn and it is optional to put the first button but most people will not button it because it looks attractive and stylish when the last button is left unbuttoned. Some people prefer only the middle button which gives a classy cool look and all these suits can are available at MensItaly for a very reasonable price.