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Show Off your Elegance with Light Blue Suits

Light blue suitsThe best suit colors for men are light blue than medium blue, yellow, and all other shades. Men’s light blue suit with well-cut, well-fitting can be accessorized into an office look without being frilly, authoritative without being dull. Light blue suits are suitable for any personality.

In a light blue suit, with different colors of shirts you can look different each time through the right match that can be worn quite often during the week. Light blue generally has easy similarity with many basic colors like white, light blue, dark blue and even purple dress shirts. These colors can be matching within any combination of patterns like checks, fine stripes and bold stripes on the dress shirt and makes your suit look refreshing each time.

Good combination of colors and patterns for Men light blue Suit:

The good color combination of jacket, shirt and tie not only makes you look good, but it shows your sense of creativity and organization. People assume that you will bring those same qualities to your job. You can enhance your personality by making excellent combination of the fabric, pattern, color and formal level of the items of your suit.

Comparable Fabrics for Men’s Suit:

In the Men’s light blue suit the texture and the fabric finish should be similar to make the outfit balance. For formal look, wear a worsted wool suit with a broadcloth shirt and fine silk tie; all of these have a smooth texture giving the outfit a formal look with a 4 button men's light blue suit. While for casual look at glen plaid tweed sport coat, wear an oxford shirt and knit wool tie, all have more texture giving the outfit a casual look. Shiny fabrics are more formal and matte-finish fabrics are more casual.

Color Combination for Men’s Suit:

Light blue suits

The color of the shirt and the accessories you choose should be matching with the attire you choose; otherwise it might look very ridiculous. Light blue is the color which goes well with grey linen attires. It can be matched with darker color when it is for a sports coat. Contrasting colors of tie and shirt are usually followed as the pattern. When it comes for a casual wear this can be paired with jean and a v- shaped t-shirt can be also be worn for a cool stylish look. It can be used for both formal as well as informal occasions.

There are many shades of blue and these variations are used to add more elegance and make you stand unique. Instead of using the same color try this blue one so that people will notice you and appreciate your dressing sense. As there are many variations and various patterns of blue, each one will be alluring to your eyes.