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Look Stylish with Sportcoat

Sport coat is a very popular kind of clothing worn by the African Americans, Mexican Americans and Italian Americans around 1935.It is also mistakenly called a blazer, is a tailored coat for men.

It is of a similar cut to a suit coat, but is designed to be worn on its own and not as part of a suit. Styles therefore may be less restrictive. Compared to suit jackets, sturdier fabrics are used, such as woolen tweed or houndstooth. Originally they were worn as casual attire for hunting and other outdoor sports. Today they are used as casual wear and is the mainstream coat of choice in North America. A blazer is similar to a sportcoat, but blazers have shiny, potato buttons.

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It is a great foundation piece for any man's wardrobe. By owning one quality coat, you can create numerous looks by pairing your coat with various clothing items. It can be appropriate for many situations and is suitable throughout different seasons.

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