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Mens Seersucker Suits

Suits made from seersucker fabric are the best when it comes to summer wear. Seersucker is a very lightweight suit much preferred by people during the warmer season. This word comes from the Persian phrase milk and sugar due to its light weight appearance. There’s no need to wear hot, uncomfortable suits for men during humid weather when you can purchase a seersucker suit that keeps you stylish and cool. Thus, you need something light but comfortable wear for the summer and spring weather. It is best to look for the seersucker suit for men. This is not only comfortable to wear but it is also stylish in appearance. These clothes are made out of fine texture cotton fabric. These are designed only for wearing in hot and humid climate. This cloth gives extra comfort to the wearer in the sweltering months.

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The first attention should be given on the color. Seersucker suit for men comes in various shades of light colors like khaki, light blue, cream and grey. Besides clothes on black and navy blue are also available, which are suitable for office. But you need to be conscious about the type of weather, as dark colors in hot weather will make you uncomfortable. The next factor which requires attention is the fittings. Seersucker suit must have perfect fit on the wearer and it should not be too tight or loose to wear. Select a size that will compliment your shape. These should not be too tight around the wrist and should have a perfect fit on the torso area and shoulders. This clothing is more of a casual wear compared to business or linen suit. Thus you need to look for shoes which are less formal. Get a white collar shirt to wear. Tie is not compulsory. Choose black or brown shoes for your seersucker suit. You will a cool and casual appearance.

Traditional seersucker suits are usually in a striped pattern that alternates between white and a light color. The stripes are created by the weave of the material. These strips are alternately colored to create the traditional striped pattern of a seersucker suit. Light colors are generally preferred by men to for both formal and casual wear. When seersucker suits are worn for more formal purposes, such as business events and for use in the workplace, they are often found in solid colors, such as gray, brown, and black. These suits usually come in colors such as khaki, cream and light blue. If you want a dressier look, black and navy blue is best suited. These suits are more casual than linen or a business suit. Wear a white collared shirt underneath and you are good to go. Brown or black oxfords look great with these suits. One way to tell if any suit fits properly is to look at the lapels while wearing it. If the lapels are able to lay flat on the wearer’s chest, then the suit is fitted properly. If the lapels start to scrunch up, then the suit is not properly sized for the person who buys it.

Traditional seersucker suits are commonly worn at outdoor events like weddings, garden parties, and summer occasions. It is possible to see seersucker suits much used for formals .These more formal seersucker suits are usually made in darker colors. You could add flair to your look by adding a straw boater hat. Always purchase a suit that can be worn in various occasions. These are quite classy and stylish in appearances. For instance, cream or grey color dress is versatile. This color is perfect for visiting church, or outdoor parties, work or business events. A conventional blue and white suit is the best combination for attending wedding parties or summer luncheon. Thus, these combinations can be worn for various occasions.