Men who know the history of the three-piece suit like them. This is because the three piece suit mens version is an example of English pride. They know King Charles II would be proud of them for keeping this trend in vest-wearing alive in the 21st-century. The vest was an immediate hit when the king put on a sleeveless version of a lightweight coat in 1666. It was a fashion statement that gave the French tailors a run for their money in the 17th century.

But the suit and vest old King Charles wore when proper men were doing improper things is not the same suit men wear today. Charles wore a long coat, but his main claim to fashion fame was putting on a vest and calling it new fashion. The suit coat and pants didn’t change as King Charles pranced around the court. He bragged about his accomplishment and brainstormed about different vest colors and fabrics. The king was proud of himself because he gave the British a thrifty way to look smart and well-dressed in a stuffy sort of way.

Today, the three piece suit mens wear version is the suit for the office or a special personal event. For some men, this suit is more about remembering prohibition and gangsters than celebrating King Charles. Those men want to bring back the days of The Great Gatsby, or when Al Capone was running Chicago. They wear the vest without the coat just to prove they have a touch of American gangster fashion in their DNA.

But not all men look good in a vest. A few tall thin men can’t get the vest to hang on their torso the right way. Those men look weird in a vest, but short men rock a vest because it makes them look taller and leaner. Becoming a handsome, debonair, fashionista wearing a three piece suit mens magazines all recommend.

Some vests use the suit fabric for the front of the vest, and the back is rayon or some other silky material. Just make sure your shirt sleeves are long enough when you take your suit coat off. There’s nothing more aesthetically incorrect than a man wearing a vest with shirt sleeves that don’t touch his wrists.

Three Piece Suit: Mens Evening Wear Tips and TricksWe are all fashionistas in our own way. But keep a few things in mind when you are looking for the right three piece suit mens sales online. The vest must completely cover your shirt unless you want to look like a car hop at a downtown hotel. And the suit vest should cover the waistband of your pants. Also, there’s an unwritten law that says you should not button the bottom button on your vest. Plus, make sure the vest is the same fabric as the suit.

The three piece suit mens wear fans wear may fit differently because of fashion trends. However, the result is the same when you use the tips to make your suit pop at a party or a special occasion.