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Can you Wear a Double-Breasted Suit Jacket Open?

Men often have many pressing questions regarding proper double breasted suit etiquette. If you want to know about wearing a double breasted suit sitting down, we can provide you with invaluable tips. The question “Can you wear a double breasted jacket open?” is not at all unfamiliar to us.

Dark Blue Navy Midnight Double Breasted Suits Mens
Dark Blue (Navy/Midnight) Double Breasted Suit

If you want to look like you know what you’re doing when you’re wearing a double-breasted suit, make sure you never button its third button. This is a total faux pas. It’s also crucial to make a point to leave your jacket totally fastened until you get the opportunity to sit. Double-breasted suits are known for looking great when they’re buttoned. Note, however, that men who want to look laid-back and relaxed on purpose sometimes unbutton their jackets while they’re standing. It’s all a matter of preference.

Double-Breasted Suit Interior Button

There’s an art to wearing a 6 button double breasted suit the right way. This type of suit is equipped with a total of six buttons, you can’t ever button more than two. You should button the middle buttons of these suits. You should stay away from the last ones and leave them be, too. If you pay close attention to your 6 button double breasted suit, you’ll see it has an interior button. This button is known as the anchor button. You should make sure that this is always buttoned no matter what.

mens double breasted black pinstripe suits italian super 140s
Double-Breasted Black Pinstripe Suit Italian Wool Super 140s

Wearing a 4 button double breasted suit the correct way is equally important. These suits naturally are equipped with a total of four buttons. Two of these buttons can be buttoned. Only button the highest button and the aforementioned anchor button. If you’re diligent and detail-oriented, wearing a 4 button double breasted suit like an expert is actually extremely easy. Wearing a 6 button double breasted suit like an expert is just as straightforward and simple.

There are other important considerations for men who want to know about top-notch double breasted suit etiquette. These suits tend to be rather striking. They’re not exactly inconspicuous and subtle wardrobe additions. If you’re planning on wearing a double-breasted suit to a wedding or to a business event, you should go for a tie and shirt that are comparatively muted. It can help to select ties and shirts that have standard patterns and solid colors. Steer clear of ties and shirts that are overly conspicuous or “loud” in any way.

Double-Breasted Suit Wedding Options

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mens slim fit peak lapel double breasted suits black
Black Double-Breasted Suit w/ Slim Fit Peak Lapel

Our in-depth double breasted suit guide can give you a lot of assistance. Men are often hesitant to wear double-breasted suits to lounges, nightclubs, dinner gatherings and work settings. They have no reason to be, however. That’s because double-breasted suits can work well in all environments that permit single-breasted suit wear. If you see men around you wearing single-breasted suits, you can rock your double-breasted outfit with full confidence!

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