Being thin is a modern-day art form. After all, those tall and thin are the ingredients for being the top models and actors. And being tall and thin are attributes that everyone admires. Even though tall, slim guys live in a world of sameness, they struggle to be part of it. In fact, tall, skinny men can’t be part of the off-the-rack suit mentality most guys embrace. But, if you want to look your best on prom night, consider wearing one of the latest slim fit prom suits.

Finding Your Fashion Fit

Buying prom suits that fit is an accomplishment for tall guys. But tall men usually can’t find a suit jacket that fits in the sleeves when the prom is approaching. And going to the prom for a tall, skinny guy doesn’t have to turn into a suit-hunting nightmare. Yes, there are slim fit prom suits that are perfect for men who stand out in the average crowd.

In fact, those slim fit suits keep men from looking like a shaggy, ruffled, unfit mess on prom night. In addition, a slim fit suit can also stop the regular suit “skinny as a pole look.” Thankfully, the body and the slim fit suit blend into one sick prom look.

Know Your Choices in Slim Fit Prom Suits

This is the age of the tall and the thin. Tall and thin are marks of uniqueness, and slim fit suits are the keepers of that uniqueness. Going to the prom in a one button black slim fit tuxedo tells the world that tall is a good place to be. Try wearing a:

  • Two-button charcoal slim fit lightweight wool suit with a red tie and pocket square.
  • Three-button black linen skinny suit and white Egyptian cotton shirt with French cuffs, and a tangerine tie and white pocket square.

What About Color?

Tall men can wear bright colors if those colors accent the suit. A slim lime green zoot-type suit may work for some thin, medium height men on prom night, but a lime green zoot suit on a tall, thin man may not be the best choice.

Prom night is always about the clothes, shoes, food, and music. The trick is to wear a slim fit prom suit that accents your body shape and makes you feel good. Slim fit prom suits and shoes that stand out, but blend in, are conversation topics the next day. They make prom night what it is.

Prom night is an entry level fashion exam. Passing that exam gives tall and thin men the confidence to move to the next level of fashion forward thinking.

Tall Thin Fellows All About Mens Slim Fit Prom Suits