You may feel a sense of victory when you find the perfect summer suit.

Breezy Fabrics and Bright Colors: Summer Suits 2017

Dialing-in summer suits 2017 is not as hard as some men think it is. Okay, you may need a little fabric knowledge. So here are the four fabrics that make summer suits summery:

Cotton is King. Cotton suits are the kings of summer, according to some fashionistas. Plus, cotton absorbs moisture, and most cotton fabrics are washable these days. Cotton suit colors are out of control, too. There’s a suit color for each day of the week, or you could just go with Khaki or that light blue, two-button slim fit beauty you saw on the Internet. But some men shy away from cotton, and they pull out the big guns and go for linen suits.

Linen is In. Linen suits are the titans of summer suits. Sure, linen is a wrinkle maniac. But anyone who appreciates quality and good taste knows a wrinkled linen suit is the mark of a man who knows how to dress. But if linen feels a little too casual, a silk suit might give you the dressy comfort and breathability you are looking for.

Silk is Social. A two-button navy silk suit with tapered pants is always a hit at social events or a day of cold sales calls. But if you really want to dive into the summer suit game, a seersucker suit will put you on fleek.

Seersucker is Summer Royalty. Seersucker suits are the bad boys of suits. But they are also summer royalty. A blue and cream seersucker suit is the suit that makes some lawyers look like they know what they are doing. And a blue, double-breasted seersucker suit brings Italy to a man’s wardrobe in regal fashion.

The perfect summer suit has a matching jacket and pants that crush it at work or at that big wedding. It’s the kind of suit that rocks with a button-down shirt and a tie or a pastel T-shirt. But what’s big this year? If you want to rock the latest warm weather fashions, here are some ideas for summer suits 2017. Every suit needs the right shoes. And the perfect suit is shoe-friendly. A pair of loafers or those high top techy sneakers look awesome with it. But your favorite rich tan, pointed toe wing tips always put you and the suit in royal dress mode.

Picking the right fabric is just part of the equation when it comes to finding the best summer suits 2017. You have to realize that the color of the suit makes the suit really pop. The top summer suit colors for 2017 are mid-blue, beige, pale gray and off white. For those men who want to channel their inner Gatsby, white may be the color of the year. But give a white suit some color with your accessories. This is not the age of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

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