Here’s a tip we all forget: Style and comfort are bosom buddies. Some men don’t listen to their inner style guru. Instead, they wear outfits that the fashion bugs dictate. Well, that kind of thinking is too limiting in this century. Man’s best friend isn’t a dog in this millennium. The way to beat the summer heat is with mens linen outfits

Climate Change Meets Mens Linen Outfits

Men love their suits and tuxedos, but you can’t wear them in 90-plus degree heat. And those hot, humid days are the norm, not the exception. Climate change may be a debatable topic, but while the debate rages, the weather is what it is. And what it is, is hotter than a Stevie Wonder song.

There are a few ways to rock mens linen outfits. The first thing to remember about linen is it wrinkles. Get over it. The wrinkled look is dope and linen rocks. Although old habits die hard, wrinkles in linen are as American as red, white and blue are in the flag. No one cares about the wrinkles because linen has a history. Women understand. They rock linen, too.

Why Mens Linen Outfits Make Such a Fashion Splash

A white linen outfit ups your cool quotient at a yacht or pool party. White linen has a laid-back appeal, and it makes a cool style statement. A tan linen short suit is great for a business outing or for a beach party. And tan or cognac fisherman sandals on a soft or hard sole work best with that look.

But don’t forget the versatility in the darker shades of linen. Charcoal gray, navy, and coffee brown give a linen outfit a formal feel, even though the outfit is matching shorts and a shirt. And there’s nothing better than wearing a tan linen suit, open collar white shirt, and rich, tan calfskin wingtips at your second cousin’s wedding. If that wedding is at the beach, lose the wingtips and put on those fishermen’s.

When a casual party has a touch of formal dudeness, wear a brown linen suit with a pastel green, white, or orange shirt. Blow it up with a cool bow tie. That look screams casual elegance. Plus there is always a choice when it comes to linen pants. You can wear a woven belt, or you can go native and wear the drawstring linen pant look. Belted linen pants are not as casual as drawstring pants, but who cares when it’s a fun event.

The idea is, mens linen outfits rock for any occasion when you put your individual style to work for you. Why sweat in the sweltering heat when you want to look great? Linen suits was made for summer and for men who want to feel and look great.

Scorching Style Ways to Rock Those Mens Linen Outfits