Prom night should be a memorable night. It’s the night when guys get out of their jeans, and their graphic T-shirts, as well as their dirty running shoes, and dress like stylish men. Prom night is the night for both boys and girls to look and feel their best. It’s a night to spend time with that special someone. It’s a night to celebrate with your classmates, too, while everyone wonders what is coming next in life. If you are wondering what to wear, here are some contemporary tips on prom suits for guys.

Prom Suits for Guys: Are You a Dude or a Dud?

Some dudes like to make a splash on prom night. They want to show their friends they have what it takes to be well-dressed and adult. 3 piece suits for prom are the costumes that will separate the dudes from the duds. But a prom suit is more than just an eye catcher. It’s a badge of respect and confidence.

A prom suit opens the door for class pictures and dance moves. So, picking the right prom suit for guys is serious business. It takes work to find the suit that will show off your style and personality in all the right ways.

Prom Suit Choices: Pulling It All Together

Prom suit choices are everywhere and accessory choices are, too. It’s not just the suit that will make you stand out in a crowd. It’s the tie, pocket square, belt, shoes, cufflinks, mens tuxedo shoes,  and yes, even the socks. This is the year of the socks. Pattern and crazy socks are everywhere, and guys can’t seem to get enough craziness when it comes to accessories.

The cut of most prom suits for guys varies depending on individual styles. Most guys go with a two-button, bright color, skinny fit suit with slimmer lapels. The suit jacket is shorter, and the pants are narrow. But a slim fit three-piece suit, in the same colors, and cut the same way, is also a great choice. And the Nehru jacket suit is always a show stopper when it’s time to get on the floor and dance.

So, what does a dope prom suit look like? What suit will shake the heads of friends and foes? The answer may be surprising. It is a prom suit for guys that fits and accentuates your natural body shape. It should also give you room to breathe. The suit jacket should be cut in at the waist, and the classic lapels should sit at attention. The suit pants are narrow, and they have a polished look. Remember, the suit’s color should complement your skin color.

Take your time to find the perfect prom suit so you will feel confident at your special event. After the prom, you can repurpose your suit for other special occasions, too. All you have to do is change up the accessories, and you’ll have lots of options for any event.