Graduation – it’s one of those days that finds a permanent place in your memory. All the big reports, late night study rituals and stressful exams are behind you now. Graduation is the beginning of new, adventuresome experiences. Your future is full of possibilities and choices that will write the story of your life.

How to Put the Adult World on Notice

Those torn jeans and ratty T-shirt with your favorite slogan on the front are relics now. This is the day when a suit becomes more than a black, gray or navy two or three-piece coordinated outfit.

Your graduation suit puts the world on notice. The color, style and fit of your graduation suit gives you the credibility and the confidence to move through the ceremony and the after parties like a titan who lives large and dreams big.

Graduation Suits: Know Your Options

You know the double-breasted suit is back on the fashion charts again. Celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal and David Beckham have given the double-breasted suit a 21st-century pass. Although it is hot, the double-breasted suit is not the only style graduation suit that could make your day rock. You have other suit choices. The Zoot suit is one of those choices. Zoot suits always make an impression. The three-button black skinny suit with the pencil-thin gray pinstripe or the one-button dark gray suit and flashy blue tie are sweet too. Your black straight tip square toe shoes are reminders that you are about to enter the career or college arena, and you’re ready to joust.

The point is, you should think carefully about your graduation suit choices. Your graduation day is special, and you should take the time to pick a suit, as well as a shirt, tie, and shoes that also feel special. You can look spectacular in a white or light blue shirt on graduation day. White shirts with long sleeves set the mood for your suit, while your tie shows what that mood looks like. So, pick a tie that has character and a touch of wildness.

Graduation day is the moment when you leave the world of youthful challenges and enter the world of adult challenges. One of those challenges is looking at graduation suits, which can be an important addition to your wardrobe. Because it is a major milestone, you have to look good on that special day. If putting an outfit together leaves you feeling confused and self-conscious, fear no more. Here are some ideas and insights to help you feel both cool and comfortable as you walk up to accept your diploma.

That’s what graduation suits do for men who take the time to identify their style. Even though you may not be a fan of formal attire, wearing a suit on graduation day shows your family and friends you have what it takes to be flexible. It also shows you want to look good in all those photos and group selfies. People may not see your blue double-breasted Italian cut suit under your gown and cap, but those pointed toe calfskin, lace-up brogues will give them a clue. In fact, once you toss your cap high in the air and your gown is in the backseat of your car, you will wow them with your graduation suit.

Wear a pair of Italian shoes, which every man should have in his closet. A quality pair of calfskin or calf suede lace-up shoes will leave no doubt of your fashion sense. You are in transformation mode, and it is game on. Elegant shoes and well-tailored graduation suits have the power to propel you into another dimension. They also help you look your best in all those photographs at all those graduation parties.

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