Although that’s not always the case, most men shouldn’t fret over a sour performance if they forget to plan a speech at an award banquet ceremony. However, knowing what you will say, and knowing what you should wear are two factors that make accepting an award a smooth experience. Banquet suits are not just any suit – they must show off your personality and make you look amazing. If you are still wondering what to wear to that next special affair, read on to learn much more.

Looking and Feeling Confident: Choosing Your Banquet Suit

Even though you may only have to speak for five minutes or less, you still have to look good through dinner and after your speech. Some men say the way to make a memorable appearance is to wear a flawless suit and show up in a fancy set of wheels. Other men say you should ditch the conventional dinner suit and be bold.

Banquet suits for men don’t include the boring black two-button tuxedo with the notched lapels anymore. That suit is ancient history at these dinner banquets. Tom Ford, Usher, and other well-dressed men are allergic to traditional dinner suits. They become daring, non-conformists when they make a speech in a sweet suit.

Banquet Suits Can Color Your World

If you wear a banquet suit, any color from white to burgundy is a winning option, but here are more ideas:

  • Midnight blue is the new black.
  • Printed fabric suits are also a great alternative.
  • Suits made of virgin wool look amazing.
  • Two-button skinny suit jackets with narrow lapels and a straight-leg pants.

Finishing Touches for Banquet Suits

The best thing about mens banquet suits is how you can personalize them. If you want to be a bit untraditional with your suit, forget the white shirt and give yourself some color. Your shirt color should complement your suit color. If you want to go for a super slick look, wear a midnight blue velvet jacket and vest. A double-breasted suit or a three-piece suit in an unconventional color is a show stopper, too.

Accessorize your banquet suit with some gold cuff links, a flashy tie and a pocket square to add a finishing touch to your suit choice. Don’t be afraid to embrace textures and patterns. They show your playful side, as well as your inner style. Remember, if you wear a bow tie, don’t clip it on. Make sure you tie it.

Dressing to accept an award takes confidence as well as imagination. It means letting your guard down and showing your best qualities. If you are getting an award, savor the moment, and feel the love in your suit choice. The best banquet suits for men are the suits that have that hidden quality. They are the suits that need no introduction because they fit and stand out in a crowd.

It is always a good idea to get a second opinion if you feel you are missing an accessory or you are unsure about your tie or shoes. Remember, your inner style sense is usually right, so don’t be afraid to trust it.

Accepting the Award: Best Banquet Suits for Modern Men