“How should slacks break” is a burning question that many fashion-conscious people have asked themselves. If you’ve ever posed that question, you’re far from alone.

It’s a valid concern. If you’re wondering where should slacks break, however, the answer isn’t as simple as you may think. That’s because it’s in many ways a matter of individual preference. What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you and vice versa. Suitable pant length etiquette is ultimately up to you and no one else.

Slacks Break or No Break

Some men avoid pant breaks entirely. This look tends to be optimal with tapers that are clear-cut. If you consider yourself to be a contemporary guy who is enthusiastic about tailoring accuracy, zero pant breaks may be the way to go for you. This look is terrific on men who have slender physiques. It’s also terrific on men who are on the shorter side.

Subtle Slacks Break

Some men opt for subtle pant breaks. If you like to wear your dress pants this way, you may be someone who wants to play it a little safer. Some men are a little hesitant to avoid breaks fully. That’s totally OK. Subtle pant breaks tend to be appropriate when there aren’t any cuffs. Subtle breaks are a look that tends to work wonderfully on all men. If you like pant widths that are slim, a subtle pant break may work well. These kinds of breaks are excellent for the contemporary business look.

Medium Slacks Break

It’s not unusual for men these days to wear their trousers with medium breaks. If this dress pants length strikes your fancy, more power to you. Medium breaks work perfectly on men who are a bit more reserved in the personality department. If you tend to avoid being overly hip or trendy, a medium break will probably make you happiest. Medium breaks are usually great on men who approach style and fashion in methodical and traditional manners. If you want to steer clear of trousers that are slim or tapered, the medium break approach may be the right choice for you. Medium breaks can also be flattering on men who perhaps want to shed some spare pounds.

Full Slacks Break

Full breaks, last but not least, are yet another pant length possibility. If you want to successfully rock a full break look with your suit pants, you should be willing to go for trouser legs that are wide. Full breaks tend to be a nice choice for big men suits. They tend to be a nice choice for men who perhaps don’t like taking too many fashion risks, too. They can also be great for men who aren’t spring chicken. If you’re someone who has ever wondered for a second where should slacks break, these four options can serve as a helpful guide to you.

Flat Front or Pleated Slacks

Much like Pleated Slacks vs Flat Front Slacks (No Pleat), wearing suit pants in pure style is something that calls for ample confidence.

Flat Front Trousers (No Pleats)

Pleated Slacks

If you’re a man who is comfortable without a pant break, you shouldn’t be afraid to go out in public without one. If you’re a man, on the other hand, who is comfortable with a full pant break, you should make sure the world knows that about as you, too. No one can dictate the right pant length to you or to anyone else. If you’re passionate about being a genuine style pioneer and comfortable in your own skin, you need to be in charge.

How Should Slacks Break