Men’s Wardrobe Tips

Men’s Wardrobe Tips: Looking Dapper After Temperatures Drop. Dressing well is always a little easier when the weather is pleasant. If you want to look like a vision of suave sophistication, the spring and summer months are comparatively easy.

The fall and the winter months, however, are often significantly more challenging. It can be difficult to look stylish and cool when you’re freezing and all you want to do is hide under some loose flannel pajamas. The truth, however, is that dressing well in the fall and in times of cold weather in general isn’t as tough as many men think. If you want to look great when the weather is chilly, with or without a mens overcoat, a few helpful suggestions can prime you for success.

Men’s Wardrobe Tips: Focus on Layers, Layers and More Layers

If you want to feel and look good in the fall and beyond, you can’t be afraid to wear layers. Layers are essential for any man who wants to dress like a champion at all times of the year. It’s important to focus on base, middle and top layers. Base layers are shirts, T-shirts and undershirts. Middle layers are vests, cardigans, sweaters, denim jackets and shirts. Top layers, last but not least, are top coats for men and jackets. Fashion-forward men should wear thinner layers close to their bodies.

Thicker layers should always be on top. Wearing layers doesn’t mean that you have to abandon style in any way. Layers can actually make a man look more debonair than ever before. If you want to feel warm and look like a million dollars at the same time, considering topping any cold weather look off with a classic trench coat. These exist in many styles and can be great for both formal and casual looks. If you’re going for a cold weather look that’s strictly casual cool, you can reach for a nice duffel coat or parka. If you want to look formal, a pea coat should work beautifully.

Men’s Wardrobe Tips: Replace Heavy Coats With Other Warm Options

Some men aren’t the biggest fans of heavy coats. That’s understandable. If temperatures are only moderately unpleasant outside, you may actually be able to get away with substituting coats for other options that may be more comfortable to you. Some blazers are appropriate for cold weather. A blazer made out of camel hair may be able to keep you nice and toasty all fall. A cashmere blazer or sportcoat may be able to do the same.

If blazers aren’t exactly your thing, you don’t have to sweat it, either. You can also try wearing a thicker cardigan. Shawl collars and cable knits can both do wonders for men who want to retain some extra warmth. Although they’re warm, they’re far from heavy and awkward to wear. Men who are creative and patient can always find great ways to look and feel on point regardless of the weather.