Transitioning from summer to cold weather looks doesn’t have to be a painful process. These easy guidelines can take your fall wardrobe far.

How to Handle the Annual Fall Wardrobe Transition

The fall is a time of transition. What worked in your wardrobe in the spring and the summer months doesn’t necessarily translate in the autumn. This isn’t just because of the change in temperature, either. It’s also because style expectations shift throughout the course of the year. If you want your fall wardrobe to dazzle the world, these guidelines can help significantly.

Fall Wardrobe Fabrics & Patterns

Look for heavier materials. Combine them with striking designs and patterns if at all possible. The fall can be a great time to show off your daring and bold side. Flannel is an example of a strong and heavy fall-friendly fabric. If you’re interested in flannel for casual dressing, colors such as tan and deep brown should be good. If you’re interested in flannel for formal events and work situations, dark gray should make a sound choice.

Jackets are staples in any fall men’s wardrobe. If you want to wear jackets that perfectly epitomize the spirit of the autumn season, concentrate on patterns. Houndstooth and windowpane patterns can both do a lot for your fall jacket style.

Fall Wardrobe Colors

Fabrics and patterns shouldn’t be your only fall wardrobe considerations. Color in general should also be a major focal point for you. The summertime is all about vivid tones. The fall, however, is a whole other story. Men who want to look chic and modern in the fall and winter months should shop for apparel in colors like beige, brown, dark green and navy blue.

You don’t have to fear getting a little creative, either. Feel more than free to combine these colors. If you can’t resist the draw of brighter colors, you don’t have to do so 100 percent of the time, either. Just remember that moderation is always key. If you wear a belt in a rather showy and noticeable color like red or yellow, make a point to keep everything else understated and basic.

The fall is also a great season for fans of mottled colors. If you can’t say no to colors with lots of intriguing spots and specks, you’re definitely in this group. Men who wish to up the warmth factors of their wardrobes may benefit dramatically from a few nice mottled additions. Mottled beige, navy blue and dark gray attire can all be wondrous for the fall months. These mottled colors exude energy that can make any dull and chilly fall afternoon instantly seem a lot brighter.

Fearless men should go with their instincts in the fall. If you’re crazy about patterns, textures and colors, do yourself a favor and combine them tastefully. Concentrating on the harmony that exists between colors can help you with this. Men who want to look cool, fresh and trendy in the fall should always focus on style elements that are in line with their unique personalities and preferences.