The men's shoe business has taken on another persona in the 21st-century, thanks to Belvedere dress shoes and other Belvedere styles.

The age of faking it when it comes to buying shoes is over. Going to the local discount suits and shoe store where factory rejects, and slow-moving styles find a home is off limits now. Men are stepping up, and they are educating themselves in the art of shoe buying. It's not just the look of a shoe that counts. Find out why Belvedere dress shoes are what you want in your closet. The look great on your feet, too.

Belvedere Uses Quality Leather

Every part of a pair of shoes is important. Men should pay attention to those components, so they can make the right purchase. The upper leather is a vital area. The upper leather can't be an alligator or crocodile print. Also, the leather can't be the typical side leather every discount brand in the country pushes as top-quality leather.

Belvedere uses quality dress leather, as well as real alligator and crocodile in their footwear designs. The colors that are key in the fashion business are always on display when Belvedere is putting a line of shoes together. The company stands behind their leather choices. The company also stands behind the other components in their shoe designs.

The outsole of a shoe is also important. Belvedere uses leather soles and better-grade unit soles that come from modern materials. Those soles withstand abuse and long-term wear. Belvedere dress shoes have linings that keep your feet at the right temperature. And the shoe lining also gives the upper leather more strength and character.

Why Belvedere Doesn't Cut Corners

Some men ignore other important components like the two needle instead of one needle upper stitching that joins the vamp and the quarters. They also fail to check the two-needle stitching that closes the quarters before the backstay covers the quarters. And those oversights can be costly.

The heel pad and the counter that holds the heel in place when a man slips into his shoes are other components that rarely gets attention. Synthetic materials are the flavor of the day in heel pad manufacturing. However, Belvedere doesn't cut corners when it comes to the right heel pad material in the right styles. Some shoe styles need a synthetic heel pad, but dress shoes are different.

A dress shoe that has leather linings must have a leather or leather-like heel pad to perform the way men expect them to perform. But other components like the laces, eyelets and insole material are also important features. Those components must handle the abuse without breaking down during the long life of Belvedere shoes.

Examining all the shoe components is necessary. Men want to buy shoes that withstand daily wear and tear. Belvedere dress shoes are the right shoes to have in your closet because they can take the punishment. This is thanks to the components that give the name Belvedere meaning in the quality footwear market.

Belvedere Dress Shoes: The Shoes You Want in Your Closet