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When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote his third novel, The Great Gatsby in 1925, it wasn’t an immediate success. In fact, the book wasn’t even on the public’s radar until the late 1940s. Fitzgerald’s 1920 novel This Side of Paradise was the book that propelled Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda into the national spotlight.

Suits to Wear to a Great Gatsby Party

1920s Double Breasted Great Gatsby Suits for Sale

Fitzgerald’s life during the 1920s was much like the life of the main character, Jay Gatsby, in his third novel. New York City was filled with roaring 20s mens fashion. Fitzgerald wore mens Great Gatsby attire before he ever wrote the novel. His life was a Gatsby lifestyle.

Great Gatsby Suits Sale
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When The Great Gatsby was finally recognized as an incredible novel, Gatsby menswear and roaring 20s formal dress attire became an ongoing fashion look that represented style, class, and an aristocratic signature. Today’s mens double breasted suits are a good example of Gatsby inspired fashion. Mens double breasted suits have withstood the test of time.

1920s Plaid 3 Piece Vested Great Gatsby Suits for Sale

Great Gatsby Suits Sale
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Trying to decide what to wear to a Great Gatsby party can be a daunting experience unless men understand that mens Great Gatsby attire starts from within. Dressing in roaring 20s mens fashion attire begins with a vision of living like a Jay Gatsby or F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Gatsby look is not just a 1920s mens costume. Mens Great Gatsby outfits start with a retro mindset.

1920s White Tuxedo Jacket Great Gatsby Suits for Sale

white tuxedo jacket dinner black trim gatsby suit 1920 mens tuxedo
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The Great Gatsby look can be a white dinner jacket, or a white tuxedo suit tailored to fit. The Great Gatsby mens tuxedo suits can include a white tuxedo jacket and black pants or a black double breasted mens tuxedo suit. In black or white, a mens double breasted tuxedo jacket worn with a debonair attitude is like channeling Jay Gatsby in this new century.

1920s Pink Great Gatsby Suits for Sale

Great Gatsby Suits Sale
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A 1920s mens costume in this century is a mixture of The Great Gatsby suits for sale that have a touch of the new century fashion mixed with a roaring 20s free spirit frame of mind. Today’s Gatsby wear is an eclectic mixture of great 1920s mens costumes. These costumes have been brought into the 21st century by fashion designers that know what Jay Gatsby would wear in this century. Great Gatsby suits for sale include the famous pink suit worn by Jay Gatsby in the book.

Source: NY Daily News “oscar picks best costume design”

Fitzgerald enjoyed drinking, dancing, extravagant parties and his signature white tuxedo jacket. He wore all the Gatsby menswear. Most notably, the famous pink suit that was the epitome of mens Great Gatsby outfits.

In the 1920s, wearing a pink suit was only for the upper class and the old money playboys that could get away with anything. Today, a pink suit is a fashion and a social statement. A white tuxedo jacket worn with black Italian made tuxedo pants is another iconic fashion look that crosses time boundaries.

Gatsbian ambitions are paramount when it comes to putting roaring 20s mens tuxedo suits together in this age of torn jeans and wordy T-shirts. The men that know what to wear to a Great Gatsby party know what it feels like to be a clotheshorse with panache in a white dinner jacket or a mens tuxedo suit.

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