During the roaring 1920s, America became wealthier. In fact, the total wealth in the nation doubled. The 1920s was the age of consumerism, clever advertising, and over-the-top parties. Young Americans fell in love with jazz and the blues. Most men wore the same clothing and ate the same food. Prohibition was in full swing, so a speakeasy was the place to go for a something stronger than iced tea. 1920s formalwear, in the form of the tuxedo, became the go-to suit for all formal events. Still, modern men don’t want to dress exactly like men did in those days. They want to wear a modern tux that’s trendier.

The Great Gatsby Gala

Finger foods became popular at Great Gatsby Gala’s in the 1920s. Deviled eggs came on the scene, as well as salted nuts and caviar. Salmon rolls, lobster toast, and shrimp and cheese balls were also part of the formal dinner party. Formal menus are more creative today, and men have updated the 1920s tuxedo’s style. Men are putting a personal spin on the tuxedo, but the notched lapels and black tuxedo jackets with flat front tux pants are still the go-to tux for most men who attend a 1920s formalwear gala.

1920s Formalwear in the 21st Century

The white button-down shirt and long tie have replaced the tuxedo shirt and bow tie because they look great with a standard tux. A black or white vest is optional. A bright colored vest is a good choice with the long or a bow tie. The vest keeps that formal look alive if you want to take off your jacket. A snazzy pair of cuff links gives the shirt and tux credibility. If you want to make a splash, a top hat is an accessory that puts you in a league of your own.

Creating Your Own 1920s Formalwear Vibe

Even though the standard tux is the go-to look, you can use your imagination today to build your own formalwear vibe. The light gray, three-button, tux is a great choice. The navy blue double-vested tux is always a winner at today’s formal events. The white dinner jacket with black tuxedo pants has a royal history. It will give you a modern Gatsby vibe when you wear a white tuxedo shirt and a long black tie.

The short front, long tail jacket with black striped pants is as aristocratic as you can get.

The classic tux will stand out in any well-heeled event. Let’s not forget the black tux jacket and gray striped pants, or the black pinstripe tux. Both looks are the bomb.

1920s Formalwear: What About White?

The white tuxedo works too, but it can be risky. Wearing white depends on the time and the event. For special occasions, the black Victorian one button, tail tuxedo will put the room on notice that you came to play. Ties, vests, and pocket squares add 21st-century color to any tuxedo, especially when the event is a Great Gatsby Gala. Bold colors like hot pink, purple, royal blue, teal, and even red bring back the days of 1920s formalwear with just the right twist.

The vibe of 1920s formalwear is still strong today. Men enjoy giving it their own modern, personalized twist. No matter what they choose, the Great Gatsby look still creates a solid fashion foundation for stylish men.

1920s Formalwear for Men: Top Tips for Suiting Up for a Great Gatsby Gala