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The Recent Fashion Details of Gangster Suits

Gangster suits are really one of the much fascinating and attractive apparel, where the fashion for this outfit emerged in 1920s and 1930s. The trend for these suits continues to be popular even in today's men's fashion. Wearing the regular formal and casual clothing for all occasions is really a bit boring scenario and you'll find yourself ordinary always flaunting in the same style. For men who look for different cool stuff in grabbing others attention towards him can definitely opt for this pinstripe suits.

White With Black Gangster SuitWhite With Blue Gangster Suit

Flaunt style in gangster suits

The spread of popularity for this kind of suit was mainly from movies that feature the mystery and danger present in the underground world of gangsters. Characters like the Godfather, Scarface, Goodfellas and Donnie Brasco have made the attire still more popular in the society where the famous gangsters such as Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone and Lucky Luciano by flaunting style in this suit had made many men become craze for this suit. The gangster suit gives a sharp and stunning look as it made of a different exquisite model. People accepted this new style into their fashion as the attire has the excellence in transforming an ordinary man into a celebrity. These suits go still more vibrant and appealing when paired with dark sunglasses, hat, cane and other suitable accessories. The suit goes appealing for both men and women.

Features of gangster suits

Some common features include:

  • Double breasted jacket.

  • Dark colored coats such as black, brown or navy shade.

  • Herringbone or pinstripe pattern.

  • Modern and sophisticated appearance.

To get a complete trendy look and want to bring the best from gangster suit it has to be paired with matching apparels and accessories. It is often paired with bold color dress shirt, a white tie, blended white and black hat and two tone dress shoes. To add further embellishment, the flashy jewelries like cuff links, rings, watches and bracelets can be paired. Belts or suspenders are normally worn with this type of suit. A long dark trench coat is the most paired outerwear.

Navy Gangster SuitWhite Pinstripe Gangster Suit

Gangster vs. zoot suit

Many men confuse with both gangster and zoot types. Both may resemble more are less same in appearance but has a vast difference that shows up a complete variation between both the outfits. The zoot type has wider stripes, bold shades, colorful ties, wide shoulders, slim waists and broad trouser buttons. The gangster type features a pinstripe pattern, white tie and a bit roomy overcoat.

Some collections of gangster suits

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Categories of gangster suit

If you are looking for something to wear for a costume party then better opt this gangster suits that are available in different categories such as star costume, adult gangster suit, Tony Montana costume and deluxe gangster suit costume, etc.

Star costume is a kind of gangster suit costume that includes a combination of black and white pinstriped jacket and pants with elastic waistband.

Purple Gangester SuitsRose Gangester Suits

The adult gangster suit includes a black pinstripe jacket and matching pants with an elastic waist.

The Tony Montana is a kind of gangster costume that was of popular hit right from the film Scarface. The outfit features a white suit jacket, red shirt and white suit pants.

The retro gangster is another kind of famous suit model which includes a long black jacket with white pinstripes, satin collars, front buttons and pants.

The deluxe suit costume includes a polyester double breasted suit jacket that features black with thin white stripes. The package comes with the matching polyester trousers.

To be adorable and great looking, these gangster suits are the perfect choice. Flaunt style in these suits and go stunning for parties and make your presence memorable.